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From a shy hawk to a leader

The time has come fellow Hawks. This will be my last blog of the year. It has been an honor to share my freshman experience with all of you. I’m going to miss all the great times I had this year. Nonetheless, I also had a blast writing each and every single blog just as I was also excited for helping create the school yearbook.

wingspanThe Wingspan is a freshman experience yearbook that was released on April 29. I love seeing how freshmen and sophomores come together in the pages. It’s like seeing a family of eyas or baby hawks. The pages are so vibrant and I enjoyed reading a couple articles I got the chance write. Be sure to check that out. https://uhclwingspan.wordpress.com/yearbook-2015/

I have made so many unbelievable memories. It feels like I just woke up and this whole freshman year was just a dream. I can still remember everything from freshman orientation all the way to the Student Leadership Banquet. I have seen myself grow as a person as well. I started off as a shy baby hawk. As the semester went on, I saw myself grow as a leader and in academics. I never thought I would be writing 7-10 page papers. In high school the most I wrote was one page. The stakes in university are higher, which is what made me step up my game. I honestly didn’t expect to see much change in the beginning. I thought it would be easy. College is honestly one of the biggest challenges I have faced this point in my life. I know it will only get harder, but I accept the challenge.

I can’t wait to see myself in three more years walk across that stage and receive my diploma. That will be the moment when I will be proud of my hard work until then I have to keep on working toward success. I know UHCL was the right choice and it is the school that will mold me to becoming a successful student. I hope I was able to relate to a lot of you Hawks throughout this year.

Wow! Can you believe it a whole year? Now we’re on our way to becoming sophomores. It is still unbelievable how fast time flies. I bid you all farewell, and until next year.

Have a great summer and good luck to you all!



One step at a time

Getting steps closer to the end of the semester, all I can think about is next semester. I’m anxious to start school in the fall once again. There are many things I cannot wait for such as seeing where else I can get involved. One of the main things that I am most excited about is the incoming freshman class. I am really hoping this year there are more changes on campus. I want to see the atmosphere change with more and more young people attending the university. Change doesn’t happen over night, but I’m hoping it happens soon.

ericEven with the year ending, it won’t be the end of school for me because I registered for summer classes already. I know I won’t do much during the summer anyway, so this will give me something to do while getting college credit. I know there are still so many things I need to figure out about the college life, but for now I’m just going to take things one step at a time.

This past weekend was the Student Leadership Banquet held at the Houston Space Center. I have been looking forward to it for quite sometime, and needless to say it was worth every penny. I loved the exhibits that were open for us to see. NASA just looks cooler at night. It was great seeing everyone dress up and share his or her accomplishments with the university. As for me, I feel blessed and honored to have been awarded Emerging Leader of the Year. I thank everyone that was a part of this accomplishment. It means so much I have the award hanging in my room. This was the first of many more I hope to receive. By the end of my four years at UHCL, I’m hoping to have a whole wall dedicated to awards. As I sat in the auditorium and heard the names being called out, I felt like I was at the Grammys. I felt like a superstar when I heard my name called out. Like Taylor Swift walking down the isle to receive her Grammy. It truly was a memorable moment in my life.

That is all for this week, Hawks! Be sure to keep studying for finals!


I am working so hard

Twelve weeks into the semester and I could not be more relieved. I have so many major assignments due, but I am taking it day and day and the weight is slowly being lifted off my shoulders. I have an Orientation Leader Retreat this weekend, the 37th Annual Student Leadership Banquet next week, and then finals. I am so devastated the chili cook-off was rescheduled, because now I will not be able to attend since I have a retreat to go to. You all have no idea how excited I was to try 28 different chilies.

biancaI wish I was great at science and at math, but it is not my cup of tea. This past week I had an Astronomy exam and I totally forgot until the night before and immediately started to study. I was not looking forward to the exam since last time I received a 68 after actually trying. This time I earned a 79, which was surprisingly one of the highest in the class. Maybe the sciences are my cup of tea. Hmmm. Maybe not.

I have finally finished all my requirements for the National Society of Leadership and Success, so I will be inducted May 2nd. How exciting! This is truly meaningful for me, because not only will it look great on my resume it has also helped mold me into the person I am today. I have also completed all my requirements for the Hawk Leadership Institute and will be accepting an award at the Student Leadership Banquet. This award means a great deal to me, because I have not won an award since elementary school. I am actually being recognized for my efforts and it feels so great. I just found out I have been nominated for a new category named “Emerging Leader of the Year”. Some people actually took the time to think of me and nominate me for this award. I am so grateful to have my accomplishments be known, it is such a warm feeling. 🙂

Everything in school is handy and dandy, but life outside of bianca2school is starting to affect me. I see other people my age who have full time jobs, have their own car, own apartment, and their own money. I can’t work more than twenty hours without having a mental breakdown and it is frustrating because I want my own things. I am moving out of my mother’s house and into my own apartment with my cousin, Robert and I am pretty excited. But there are some downfalls. I was not able to receive any financial aid for the summer so now I have to pay $1158 for a class and a lab. It’s absolutely crazy how much fees come along with a semester term. The classes alone are $600 and now I have to worry about paying that off, because I really do not want to fall behind and need to graduate in four years. But if I am living on my own, that means I have to work more. Reality is setting in and all I can do is continue to work hard and save as much money as possible. Hopefully this all works out.