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Now Watch Me Whip!

Hey there fellow Hawks! Hope everyone had a great third week of classes. Yes, you heard me right. Its been three full weeks already. Somehow, it doesn’t feel that way. I’m either stressing out or having fun. (Fun is what takes my mind of the time!) This past week I went to two amazing events. One was the Strictly Speaking program and the other the School House Rock Dance.

Strictly Speaking is a program held by ISS and is led by Nhee Vang. I was paired up with an international student who wanted to know more about American culture and casual American conversation starters. (I was signed up during the Student Organization Expo. Emphasis on the “was signed up”. My friend told me, “Hey, sign here!” and I did. Turns out I signed up to be apart of Strictly Speaking. I’m glad I signed that form, though!) Sept. 8, I met the students I will be mentoring at a special event. There was food and drinks, along with some amazing people. The conversation with my assigned student, Ameye, was the usual get-to-know-each-other. He asked me so many questions, such as: “What is Thanksgiving?” or “What is Trick-or-Treating?” Since he has never had pumpkin pie, I am determined to feed him a slice! Ameye and I hit off to a great start.

12004674_946664885407581_2007255492524067097_nAside from Strictly Speaking, there was also a school dance this week. This was my third time attending the School House Rock Dance. Every time I go, it seems like there’s more and more people! We did all kinds of dancing, from the whip/nae-nae to dancing bachata, all the way down to some Indian hits. The School House Rock Dance was a blast! I was a bit nervous to dance at first, but I honestly stopped caring after my first few moves on the dance floor. Not only was there a dance floor, but they also had games such as ‘Hunt for Hunter the Papier-Mâché Bird’, hot potato and limbo! I’ve got to say, my back is still a bit sore.

That’s all for this week Hawks! We’re about to start our fourth week of school. Let me know how everything is going. Midterm season is right around the corner; be sure to be prepared! As always, have a great week!