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X marks the spot

The finish line is almost near, Hawks. Don’t give up! I’m trying really hard not to procrastinate. Procrastination is my worst enemy! It knows how to tempt me.

I found that when I take breaks, I tend to procrastinate less. College has so many secrets; it’s like a treasure map. To be successful I have to get to the X. Speaking of pirate terms, I Heart UHCL day was this past Wednesday. There was this pirate booth with a treasure chest. To win I had to stick my hand in this type of wet great sand and pull out an eraser. Ironically, the prize I won was an eraser, a donut eraser to be exact. Donut erasers weren’t the only treats at the UHCL Fair. There was a lot of candy and cupcakes. I got a stomachache, and I hardly get those. My tummy hurt, and I hated it because I couldn’t fit any more food in my body. I wish I were born with two stomachs.

eric1There wasn’t just food at the fair. There were tons of activities like the #signalselfiescavengerhunt. Man, that was so much fun. Freshman Nelly Tanori and I had to go around campus and find the spots on the list. At every location, we had to take a selfie and then upload it to Instagram or Twitter. We really wanted those shirts.

The hardest location to find was “Hope on campus.” We literally went around campus three times. Hope bench is really hidden. We went around asking everyone on campus if they knew where the Hope bench was located. Every one we asked said they had no idea. It wasn’t until we chased a squirrel that we found the bench. No lie. It’s like the squirrel knew what we wanted to find.

Before I had a chance to explore the booths, I had to go help out at the Hawk Futbol Club. The booth consisted of two activities. The participant could either choose to kick the ball into a mini soccer goal, or knock down cans with a soccer ball. Many people didn’t know about the club. I feel as if this got the word out a bit more. UHCL had so many more activities going on such as recess and breakfast for dinner. I was going to go play in the kickball game, but I couldn’t because I didn’t have shorts on.

The semester is getting closer and closer to being over. It’s crazy. Soon it’ll be finals, and I bet that’s going to mean hardcore studying for me. Little by little I’m getting the skills to do well in classes. Hopefully by next semester I won’t freak out as much because I’ll know what’s going on. This past week I also had my orientation leader interview. I gave it my best shot, so hopefully it’s enough. All I can do now is wait. I hate waiting. By Wednesday the Student Life will tell me if I made the cut. Let me know how you guys experienced I Heart UHCL week in the comments below. Until next week!


I ♥ UHCL !

So I’ve been coming to many realizations within myself, and I’ve decided to switch majors from psychology to communications. I already filled out the paper work, and I believe this major is more suitable for me. I have a great feeling about this. I have an appointment with Career Services on Oct. 22, and I’m really looking forward to it. As a future leader, I can admit my weakness is communication. I’m on the right track, but I need to work on being more social among my peers. I have a lot to say, I just have to figure out how to put it in words. I know UHCL will give me all the tools I need to succeed.

bianca1 copy I’m proud to say I volunteered this week at the Environmental Institute of Houston on campus. On Oct. 14 and 15, my friend Makenzie and I dedicated a few hours of our time to help out. Wendy Reistle and Sheila Brown were kind enough to let us volunteer and told us the people who tend to volunteer are older, retired individuals. I was glad I could help, they have a lot of work that needs to be done. We weeded and trimmed the trees and plants. We instantly saw results. I was grateful the EIH staff was thankful to have us, and they reminded us constantly how much we were appreciated. If any of you want to volunteer, go ahead and visit the office There’s plenty to do!

bianca2In celebration of Spirit Week, I volunteered to be part of UHCL’s Beautification Project. We planted over 500 plants, and the staff was extremely grateful. It was great being a part of something bigger than myself. It gave me a sense of purpose. I’m looking forward to volunteering more often. It was only for an hour and a half, but we got so much done in a short amount of time. I was glad to have fellow freshmen out there as well. Be sure to check out our new flowerbeds at the Bayou Building entrance by the visitor’s parking lot.

Photo by: Student Life Office

Every time I meet with my Success Group for the Hawk Leadership Institute, I feel I’ve come one step closer to my goals. My success coach, Jayme Tiemann, is a great mentor whether she realizes it or not. I love her energy, and I can easily carry on a conversation with her. I know I can learn a lot from her. Jennifer Clark, assistant director of Student Life, joined our meeting today with hopes of staying connected to the HLI members. I appreciate Jenn because you can sense how much she wants us to grow, and she’s made it her responsibility to create future leaders. I can look up to Jenn because that’s exactly what I want to do. I love being around people who care and want to make a change. I love UHCL!