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O-Leader Training

Welcome back fellow Hawks! This past week has been a rollercoaster for me. This stress has broken my scale. It is literally up to the moon and back. I know before I have said that I was stressed, but this is just on a whole other level. Knowing that I have to study for so many exams is torture. To make it even worse, most of these finals make up a huge chunk of my grade.

I was looking forward to Thanksgiving, but knowing that I will have to study brings me down. I’m still going to eat the turkey no doubt about that. Doing all this work during the week really makes me hungry. I started eating a lot of Cheetos and candy so that I don’t get bored whenever I do homework. My mom literally started throwing away my snacks. She didn’t care if they were opened or not. My mother never liked me eating junk food to begin with. This kind of was one of my lows for the week. I was craving the bag of Hot Cheetos Puffs and I had bought them, but to my surprise when I got home they mysteriously disappeared. I knew this was my mom’s dirty work. It may seem like she is being mean, but in reality she is only looking out for my health. Although, maybe she could at least leave one bag of chips in my room. I need to start hiding them better. My textbooks don’t do a very good job of hiding bags of chips. They’re almost done with me. As the semester ends, so will the relationship with my current textbooks. It is a bittersweet feeling.

ericThis past Saturday was our second orientation leader training. Seeing how much everyone has bonded is the best feeling to see. We did a variety of activities very different to our first training. I thought this one was actually more fun. We had many great guest speakers including President Staples and Paula Mendez.

Dr. Staples gave a great speech on his childhood and how growing up he was expected to go to college. As for Regent Mendez, she was quite the opposite. She discussed her childhood and how she was barely aiming to get her high school diploma. She’s the first generation to go to college and discussed the struggles she faced. Many of the audience could relate to her story, myself included. Being a first time student to go to college was difficult. Trying to get the answers is probably the hardest thing to do. Once I had all the answers, everything else just fit into place.

Well that is it for this week Hawks! Be sure to gobble up as much turkey as you can. I know I will eat all the turkey even if I have to study. Until next week. Stay warm!