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An adventurous weekend at Camp Cho-Yeh

Hey there, Hawks! We are nearing the end of the spring semester. It has been a crazy last few weeks with events and homework. Nonetheless we still have to make time for some fun.

ericThis weekend was the long awaited orientation retreat with all current orientation leaders being part of this fun moment. It was packed with information and teamwork builders. We grew as a team and as a family. I am feeling really good about this group of orientation leaders. The process in selecting them was not easy. There were many great candidates, but in the end not everyone could be selected.

Camp Cho-Yeh in Livingston, Texas, was such an amazing place to train. The lush green forests and gorgeous weather was a beautiful sight. I had never gone camping, but after my experience this past weekend I’m hoping my mom will send me off to summer camp. We had to do a lot of planning in the retreat and it was not easy. There were hours upon hours of planning, so everything would run smoothly and all that planning paid off because everything was a success.

As I presented information to the team, I felt I had grown as a leader and was so proud of that. If someone told me that I would be presenting to a group of college students about orientation training, I would’ve said, “You’re crazy.” Now I know that anything is possible. We did many fun activities such as a glow dance party! And we had a campfire social. Both of which were super fun. I may not wobble that well, but I do know how to have fun. The campfire social was also a great event. Many people, including myself, had never had s’mores. I had about five before I got tired of them. I’m excited to see where this orientation team goes. I know we will have great orientation sessions!

That’s all for this week, Hawks! Be sure to study for finals that are coming up!


I am a leader who…

So much happened this past weekend. I had to present my personal leadership credo for the Hawk Leadership Institute. I have learned so much through the Hawk Leadership Institute, and I had to put all that information into an 8 – 10 minute presentation. It was difficult trying to put all of my thoughts together and produce a well-organized speech. I was the first one to give my speech. I had shared my journey to leadership by describing what type of leader I wanted to be at the beginning of the year, what I have learned throughout the year and where I see myself as a leader in the future. It was great sharing my experiences with my fellow peers and hearing what they have learned. After my presentation, I rushed over to the Orientation and New Student Programs office to fill out some waivers and head to Camp Cho-Yeh for the Orientation Leader Retreat.

bianca1I had a great time at Camp Cho-Yeh this past weekend. Since I am an orientation leader, I was invited to attend a weekend retreat. I have not been to a camp site since fifth grade, and it was even better this time around. Of course I had homework to do this weekend, but I decided to leave it all at home. I deserved some time to relax. I was nervous to attend at first because I was going to be surrounded by people I did not know. The environment surrounding the camp was beautiful and it brought nothing but good energy. We had the opportunity to learn about all the resources UHCL had to offer, how to handle questions students or parents may have at the orientations and what it means to be an orientation leader.

bianca 2My time at Camp Cho-Yeh was the perfect balance between work and play. We were separated into three groups: The Justice League, The Avengers and The Incredibles. We had plenty of time to get to know the members in our team, and I had a great vibe from everyone I got to know. Everyone was so excited to be at the camp and for the upcoming year. The experience was like no other and has really opened my eyes. I am not used to these types of situations. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, it made me feel safe and appreciated. In my high school, I never had such a welcoming experience. It felt great to be a part of something that was bigger than myself. I got to learn new things about the campus and increase my network. I received so many friend requests once I got home from the trip and I now have more people to call my friends. Our relationships will only grow, and I am looking forward to learning new things from all of them. We are definitely a diverse group and it is still new to me because I have been surrounded by Hispanics for the majority of my life. I am open to diversity and learning new customs. This is going to be a great year.