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Note to self: A month of freedom, coming soon !

It’s finally here! Finals are here, and they’re ready to eat me! I’m usually the one that eats things. I have been studying like crazy for them. They are consuming my whole weekend. Not a fun experience, but I’m sure many of you Hawks are dealing with the same situation.

My eye bags are worse than they ever have been. Hey, at least after all the studying and cramming we will be on break with one whole month of freedom. I know that during the break I am going to miss school. All the memories that I have gathered this semester are priceless. Never did I expect to even meet any new friends. I know that this sounds cheesy, but I love my school and the all the wonderful Hawks that come with it! From the Hunter Hawk Games to orientation and many more, these are the memories that I will retain when I’m old. I can’t help but to smile when I think about the memories.

Aside from all the memories, I will have some bad ones. You can’t have good ones without some bad ones thrown in there. I will have to say my worst experience this semester was adjusting to my new habitat. As they say in science, it takes a while before one can adapt to a new environment. I felt like a frog in pool of lava. They do not really go well together. I know that next semester I will have even more fun, and I can’t wait for it. Scratch that, I can wait a whole month before I start school again.

Papers and math are my main concern this semester. I hate math with a passion. Studying for it is a struggle because I forgot about half the material I learned. I have to reteach myself the weekend before the exam. Not a very fun experience. Although I know I’m going to do fine on the exam, I really want an A. After my exams, I’m going to have a party and eat my happiness out. I know that this winter break I will also be helping new students adjust to UHCL, and I can’t wait to be part of that experience. I want to see how they react to all the greatness we have as Hawks. I can relate to how they will be feeling as I was in their shoes not too long ago. My goal is to make them feel at home because UHCL is home. I’m glad I got to share my freshman experience this semester with all you guys. I hope it was enjoyable. Until next semester! Good luck with finals!


Until next time folks !

I am so relieved this semester is coming to an end. It’s almost surreal. I’ve been working so hard this entire semester, and I know it will all be worth it once I receive my grades. I am very grateful to be part of the UHCL community, and I can feel the support. I feel very connected with this university, and I’ve learned so much this semester.

All my teachers were great! The ones that stood of the most to me were my Psych 1100 and Writing 1301 teachers: Dr. Wanalee Romero and Dr. Lorie Jacobs. I enjoyed their classes the most, and I love their energy. Dr. Romero is an amazing woman who always tries to engage the class to participate in group discussions, and I can feel her energy when she talks to us. I was a part of her first class at UHCL, and she encouraged us not to be strangers and I will not.

When I walked into Writing 1301 at the beginning of the year, I completely dreaded it. I looked at writing as a way to create stress, not relieve it, but as the semester went on I began to love it. I realized in order to communicate my message; I have to learn how to communicate it. I completed my assignments as they were assigned, and it really brought up my confidence when Dr. Jacobs told me she had faith in me. She told me I was a good writer, and I just had to work a little harder to develop my skill and that motivated me. On my first profile essay I received a D+ and that really brought down my confidence, but she assured me it was okay because we still had a chance to revise it at the end of the semester. On my second ethnography essay, I received a B+ and on my last proposal essay I received an A-. You do not understand how happy I was to see myself improve. I’m glad Dr. Jacobs was there for me and the Writing Center as well. I’m looking forward to taking Writing 1302 with Dr. J next semester!

At this rate, I expect four A’s and two B’s. I will have my wonderful teachers, my boyfriend and myself to thank for the support. I came into this semester with a strong mindset, and I will dominate next semester. I am now so much more confident because as a first generation college student I’m doing a damn good job.

Over the break I plan to volunteer my time at the League City Animal Shelter and relax as much as possible. My birthday is Jan. 7, and I plan on having an awesome party with my family members and friends because I deserve it.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you all for reading my blogs and keeping up with my experience at UHCL. Until next time folks. 🙂