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Proud to be an American

bianca 2In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania stands the original Liberty Bell which was created in 1752. Our Liberty Bell is the exact whole scale replica of the original bell and is located at the entrance of the Bayou Building. Fundraising was set in place to get this monument here. Inscribed on the bell is the Bible verse Leviticus 25:10. Etched on the surface is the exact measurements of the crack of the Liberty Bell. It was a very informative presentation and I’m glad we get to add a piece of history onto our school grounds. I love my country, we are the best in the world. Be sure to check it out and brush up on your history.

Studying really pays off! I had two exams on Thursday and I was paranoid, because they were my first college exams. Oh my god, I’m growing up so fast! It really boosted my confidence when I got a 92 in federal government and an 86 in introduction to psychology. I find it extremely helpful to study with a friend or with a group. I’m proud of myself, and I know I will accomplish everything I want to do.

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I’ve been thinking. I want to change the world around me.

A medical breakthrough. Psychiatry. Dr. Salinas. I like the sound of that. Since I can’t change the world right now, I decided to make a present change by donating blood. It was my first time I’ve donated, and I feel so good about myself, because I saved three lives!

I also want to point out that I signed up the S.H.O.S.T.S Program, Student Helping Other Students to Succeed and have had a few meetings with my mentor, Liane Friedberg. I was kind of nervous about the whole mentor program, but after meeting Liane I am interested to learn more about her and how she could help guide me through my college career. She is very informative and I enjoy our conversations. I’m really looking forward to volunteering with her and bowling next week.

bianca 3 I received an e-mail to my UHCL account about a job opportunity on campus at the bookstore, and with no hesitation I filled out an application. I got an interview and three days later I was told to start training the follow Monday, a week before school started. A temporary cashier position to put on my resume and earn some extra cash. The discounts are really helpful. We were told to expect long lines and chaos on the first week of school and that’s exactly what happened, but I kept my composure, and we were going through the lines as quickly as possible. Cashier lines were wrapped around the textbook sections and the textbook department’s lines were out the door. I was sure to apologize to each guests about the wait and welcomed them back. Now that it’s a few weeks into the semester, it slowed down tremendously. I know it will pick up again next semester, wish me luck! I am extremely grateful I have another source to bring in extra income.