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New semester, new adventure

College is the time you are supposed to find out what you want to do with your life. It will change you as a person with all the challenges it throws at you. I have already been stuck with some of these.

A challenge I cannot seem to over come is choosing what I want to major in. I know that I’m still a freshman, but I’d hate to take a class that won’t count toward the major I declare later on. I hope that I’m not the only one struggling with this. Pressure from my parents on what major they want me is enough struggle as it is. I would hate to major in something that I would regret later on in life.

Being in stress mode 24/7 doesn’t help either. I made many goals this year and declaring what I want to major in by the end of the semester is my main one. Before I can have time to think of what to choose, I need to get through my classes.

Last week was my first week back, and I really enjoyed seeing everyone on campus. I love most of my classes, and I know this semester will be less stressful mainly because I learned many skills from last semester. I learned study tips and how to stay up late.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but the campus feels more alive than it did last semester. There are more people walking around the halls. I did like how peaceful it was before, but with so many more Hawks on campus I feel that there will be more involvement on campus.

eric1The Hunter Games was an event where I got a chance to mingle and meet many more new friends. They had many great events. This was my second time attending the event. The main focal point of the Hunter Games was the scavenger hunt. Groups of four were to run around campus finding clues that lead to the next clue. The main prize was a bag full for goodies. Not to brag or anything, but my group and I won first place. We were all out of breath in the end, but receiving that first place prize through teamwork was simply amazing. I’m pretty sure many people on campus that saw us running around with a giant stick trying to find clues were really confused.

eric2I’m not only great at scavenger hunts, but I’m not too bad at foosball. Helen Ngyuen and I entered the foosball tournament at the Hunter Games as well and ended up taking first place. I honestly thought we were going to lose. Who knew we made a great foosball team together?! All in all, I have to say this first week of classes was great. Seeing new faces is always good and having some fun on the side isn’t bad either. I’m ready for what the rest of the semester has in store for me. Hope you guys have a great semester! Until next week! Go Hawks!


(Photo credit- UHCL ISS office)

My Dreams Always Come True, Always

Ten weeks into the semester. Registration for next semester’s classes starts November 3rd. When I tell my peers I am going to take six classes next semester they give me a blank expression and call me crazy. I’m taking six classes this semester as well and I feel fine. I haven’t broke down, but I do have my days where I just want to sleep. Luckily, I always start on my assignments way before they are due, so I have days where it’s okay to slack off a bit. 🙂

I see things coming together for me and it’s very exciting. I was excited to hear I earned a raise from my first job. I was even more excited when Joanne Timm from the Office of Development and Planned Giving called me on Tuesday and invited me to attend UHCL’s President’s Cabinet’s Breakfast. I am so grateful Jennifer Clark recommended me to be the freshman representative at the breakfast. I have the opportunity to network with the cabinet members! That’s definitely something to look forward to!

follow-your-dreamsI don’t know how, but my education will be paid for my sophomore year. Mark my words. All I have to do is imagine. Imagine the feelings I would have once I learn my sophomore year is paid for. Relief, happiness, and I know I would shed a tear. Thinking about it just now brought forth great feelings. I have the mindset of success. I don’t know how it will happen, but I do know if I remain grateful and imagine my dreams they will come to me. I come to realizations within myself and learn something new each day. I make all sorts of connections, and it’s bringing me one step closer to my goal. I take several moments out my day to thank the world. There are so many things to be grateful for. This is why I don’t understand those who are pessimistic. I always look at the glass half full, and I know this has brought me even more blessings into my life. It’s such an amazing feeling to know I can have anything I want. If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.

Rosa Valdovinos from Intercultural Student Services Office reached out to me through email and invited me to the office to discuss Generation One: an organization that helps First Generation College students succeed in school. She was extremely informative and encouraged me to sign up next semester. I am strongly considering it. Being a first generation college student is extremely motivating for me.

I usually don’t ask for help, but I was really having trouble with my ethnographic essay so I visited the Writing Center this past week. I am glad I did. I feel much more confident about my essay and I’ve finally got a better understanding of citations. Thank goodness for the Writing Center. I know how hard it can be asking for help, but the resources are widely available for us. All you have to do is go online and make an appointment. Make sure to bring your printed essay and the paper guidelines, so the staff can know exactly how to help you.