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I Heart UHCL and Doggies

Howdy, Hawks! I hope your week’s been sensational. I Heart UHCL Day last Wednesday, Oct. 14, offered lots of cool games and the chance to get an I Heart UHCL shirt in Atrium II. I hope you went out and showed your school spirit! I’ve already got that blue/green hair thing going on, so I suppose that counts, right?

Lots of non-I Heart UHCL Day events were also taking place. For example, on Friday I got the opportunity to participate in SLICE’s “Dealing with Difficult People” workshop. That was both fun and interesting.

I took a couple of midterms this week and have a few more to go, but I would say that I’ve got it under control…as of now. I studied my behind off for a month preparing for my Biology exam, which I think really paid off. Unfortunately, I think I focused way too much on that particular midterm and totally forgot about my college algebra test. Whoops. All was well though, because that class hasn’t given me much difficulty.

blog                  I also hope you guys made it out to the Study Paws event in the library to de-stress and pet some insanely cute doggies. They were the sweetest, cutest, softest pups ever! If you couldn’t make it, though, don’t worry. They’ll be back during finals to prevent us from having mental breakdowns over our exams. Doggies really are angels sent from heaven.

                  Speaking of doggies, of course, this weekend I completed my training with the Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP) animal shelter. I got to walk several dogs, learned how to properly put a harness on them, cleaned a visiting room, played with cats, etc. Now, I can officially walk in whenever I want and do whatever volunteer job I fancy doing that day. The activities include: walking dogs, helping customers, feeding animals, socializing cats and doing general clean-up of the facility.

Well, that’s about it for this week Hawks! Keep studying for those midterms!


Time For A Study Break

Welcome back to another week of school, Hawks! I hope everyone is surviving midterms. This past week was full of midterms, I Heart UHCL and field day!

This past week was the beginning of midterms for me. The long awaited nightmare was finally here. I had promised myself I would start days in advance to study for midterms, but as a master at procrastination I was unsuccessful. Quick college tip: try not to procrastinate on studying right before the exam. Cramming makes my brain hurt. Although I’m decent at cramming, it’s not always successful and won’t be a good habit for the future.

kickI had to ease my mind somehow this week, and man was I glad we had the recess and kickball event Oct. 13. During the recess we competed in games like egg toss, relay races, tug-of-war and soccer shootouts. I felt like I was back in my elementary class field day. It was probably one of my favorite events I have attended this semester. Blue Team won. Although I was on Green Team I still had a lot of fun. It wasn’t long after the recess ended that the Student vs Faculty Kickball started. I, of course, was expecting the students to win, mainly because we are younger. Man, was I wrong. UHCL professors are really fit. They can run, kick and catch. You might think they are robots.

UHCL had a lot going on this past week. I Heart UHCL Day was amazing sight to see. It was such a great way to take a break from midterm season. I volunteered for The Wingspan booth during the evening, and I was so glad to see so many students involved in the event. There were so many more great events, but sadly I was not able to attend all of them this year. There’s always next year!

Well, that’s it for this week. Hope you all survive midterm season. Study hard and don’t forget to take breaks in between or else you might fry up your brain.