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Week two of sophomore year done. I can’t even process what’s going on anymore because there’s just so much happening. During the summer all I had to do was sleep and eat. My mindset then was very different from where it is now. It was a good three months, not having to stress about homework or tests. But, I knew my fairy tale would soon end. Summer for me was pretty much focused around orientation and summer classes. Orientation would always be the highlight of my week. No matter what month we were in, a day at an orientation session would be the best feeling in the world. Speaking of orientation, UHCL had their second Hawk Launch event during the summer!

Hawk Launch is an event that creates bonds with other freshmen during a two-day event. It was loads of fun. I got to meet a big group of freshmen. Last year was when I first met some of my closest friends, Helen Nguyen and Nelly Tanori. Our one-year anniversary was Sunday, August 23. (That’s just a little fun fact for you.) It also shows how big of an impact Hawk Launch had on me and in regard to meeting new people.

11937466_943861629021240_985207277126350804_oMoving along, this was my second year representing the Yellow Team. Yellow Team 2.0 was amazing. This year was a bit different. For one, Hawk Launch was extended to two days. Second, we were unable to have some of the Hawk Games outside due to the heat wave that was blazing through Houston that day. This also led to the cancellation of the Color Fight. Although we weren’t able to go outside, we still had a blast indoors. We, of course, had to be quiet because there were still summer classes going on. There were the occasional slip-ups where I would yell “Banana!” too loud. Yes, our theme song was based around the Minions tune. It went as follows:




Our team ended up getting second place, the same place as last year. Hope you all are having an amazing start to a great semester. Let’s keep up the good work and aim high, Hawks! Have a great week!


I dream about professors.

Stress! Stress! Stress! That is all that has been going through my mind. It’s not a good feeling. My brain has never felt this way before. I never thought that stress could get any worse than before, and man, was I wrong. Every moment I’m awake, thoughts about school are going through my head. Even when I’m sleeping, I dream about professors. Trust me, I love my professors, but I really don’t want to be dreaming about them either. Being lectured during the day is all that I need.

I guess the thought the semester is almost over and my grades aren’t where I know they could be is what stresses me out the most. I don’t want any “C’s” which is the main concern I’m facing. I don’t want to disappoint my family and friends. The main reason I believe college students stress is because of the final grade they receive in a class. But enough about stressing and grades.

This past week I didn’t really go to many school events. If I did I forgot, because I’ve been too stressed to remember anything. The highlight of the week was probably going to the Hawk Guide meetings. They are so engaging. It makes me feel like I’m an important part in having a successful orientation season. I also have to come up with social event for the orientation leaders. This is the hardest part for me. It’s tricky coming up with ideas and hoping that the OLs will enjoy them. This is also stressing me out a bit with the fact that there is a chance that they’ll be bored and hate the social event I plan.

eric1This past week I was thinking about how great UHCL was and how many great people I’ve met through this semester. I wouldn’t have met most of them if it weren’t for Hawk Launch. I know I’ve spoken about this in another blog, but I’m going to go into detail what came out of the experience. The closest friends that I have right now were on my team during the event. Go Team Yellow! If I had never gone to the event or if it didn’t exist, I wouldn’t have been able to meet such great people. They’re part of what makes college fun and I don’t know what I would do without them. Not only has Hawk Launch given me friends, it also gave me the courage get involved at UHCL. Aside from all the stress that I have, this past week was more of a chill week for me. It gave me a chance to reflect on the past and see what I need to do better. It also made me remember that Hawk Launch was a very special school event for me, and I hope other incoming freshmen experience the same things I did. Let’s enjoy these last few weeks at UHCL before the semester ends. Let’s leave with an impact. Go Hawks!