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I’m no Shakira, but I try my hardest

Happy spring break, Hawks! We all deserve a break after mid-term catastrophe. I had the worst mid-term freak out ever — assignment after assignment — it was like a never-ending pile of essays. I don’t know how I managed to survive the battle. As I have stated before, breaks go by so fast. They never last. It’s like I do something to chase them away.

During the break, I still went to school for half of the week. Not for classes or anything, but for Hawk Guide meeting because preparing for Chili Cook Off is serious business. There is so much to do. I also noticed we don’t have too much time before the event arrives. I’m sure the Orientation and New Student Programs office will come out on top. One can only hope so.

ericWe also had to go to Sam’s Club with Sara Khalifa during the break for snacks to take on our retreat. Spending money on food is my specialty so I’m glad I was of value. Not only was I at school for meetings and shopping, there was also dance practice for the Cultural Extravaganza coming up this Saturday. Who knew I could dance? Well, I sort of can. I’m no Shakira, but I try my hardest. Learning dance moves that you thought you already knew is very confusing. It just makes it a bigger challenge. I know that our team will do great out there. We practice a lot and even though I can’t make it to all the rehearsals I still manage to keep up to date on the routine. I haven’t just learned to dance, but I realized that managing time is essential to work as a team. I hope all you Hawks can come and cheer us on. I don’t want to say too much because then it will ruin the performance.

We are halfway through the semester, let’s pull through and finish what we started. It is still so shocking how I’m almost done with my first year as a freshman at UHCL. It is mind blowing. Nonetheless we can do it Hawks! We must have determination. The end is near! That is all for this week, Hawks. I hope you all had a great spring break and keep up the studying. Good luck Hawks!



NODA regional, road-trip and the VIP treatment

This week was full of exciting events. Well, maybe not events that happened, but events that will happen. Being a Hawk Guide comes with many perks. The most exciting one that is coming up is National Orientation Development Association (NODA) regional. It is a large convention that provides information on how to become a better leader, and to gain different points of view from orientation at other schools.

The conference will be held in St. Louis. I am so pumped; this will be the first time I get to possibly see snow. Hopefully my dream comes true because Houston snow doesn’t count. It’s mainly ice when it snows here. It’ll be like a road trip except with orientation leaders. An OL road trip! I just want to sing car songs on the 15-hour drive. NODA will consist of different activities that are engaging and helpful.

1973839_1013272455367116_6414906616879461690_oI’m determined to make these up coming orientation sessions the best they can be including the T-shirt swaps and sticker swaps. It sounds weird, but it’s a great way to meet new people. The opportunities at UHCL just keep piling up. Another great opportunity that the ONSP office offers is a retreat for new and returning leaders. We will be having a retreat to do our training in April. Eric get ready to make s’mores! Not once in my life have I gone camping or even had s’mores. Other than the s’mores cereal, but that doesn’t taste good. This semester will be one that I will not forget.

At first when I became a Hawk Guide, I was really nervous. It was the biggest task I had done at UHCL. I didn’t know what I was going to be doing or what challenges I was going to face. As time went on, I loved it more and more. Every time I step foot into the orientation office I can’t help but smile.

I am also looking forward to this banquet-type dinner I heard about last week. It is suppose to be at NASA, and I honestly just want to go so I can feel important.  As the first weeks of school start nearing toward midterms, I get the shakes. I’m terrified of getting B’s because all I want this semester is a bunch of A’s. It’ll take a lot of studying and help from others. I feel that with all the activities I am doing I can get a break from the study sessions and relax. The ONSP office is where I will be going to during mid-term weeks to study and chill.

In addition, the ONSP office in now accepting applications for any Hawk that would like to become an orientation leader for this coming year. That is all for this week Hawks. I hope you are all getting involved on campus. Have a great week!


Freshman are making a change at UHCL, a good change.

The end is near, Hawks. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It’s the time of the year where everyone stuffs their bellies with turkey and other goodies. Family and friends gather together to be thankful for what they have.

This year, just like every other year, my mom makes Thanksgiving dinner. Her turkey recipe is delicious. I gobble up that turkey in seconds. As the semester comes to an end, so are the stressful nights and cramming the days before a test.

Orientation sessions are getting closer and that is what I’m waiting for. Being a Hawk Guide is the best thing ever even though it does come with a lot of responsibilities. I’m being eased into it, so the training really does help me. Everyone in the Orientation and New Student Programs is amazing. They’re all very friendly and helpful with helping know what I’m supposed to be doing.

This past week I went to a Bible study group and it was an amazing experience. They are trying to become an organization, and I think it’s a great idea. The people behind the idea are freshmen as well, which I personally think is great. Freshman are making a change at UHCL, but a good change.

They were so friendly and taught me a lot I didn’t know. For their Global Expo they’re doing a Christmas booth and will be handing out Santa cookies. It’s a cookie that has coconut for his beard; chocolate chips for eyes; glitter and a marshmallow for his hat. I would know all of that because I was one of the people who made them. All day Saturday we spent seven hours baking and decorating Santa cookies. It was a blast at first, but after a while it got tiring. We didn’t bake 100, or 200 cookies, but 300! It was insane. The apartment looked like a baking tornado had gone through. I got so tired my hands were about to fall off. It was worth it though. The cookies tasted like heaven. It was something I would like to cross out of my bucket list. I have no idea why I had that on my bucket list, but it’s on there.

eric1Another interesting thing that I learned this past week is that I was in the Galveston Daily newspaper. I was shocked at first; I felt famous. I hope all the Galveston residents loved my wonderful face. The story of the article was about the Welcome Back Bash. It was a bit of a flashback Friday for me. I miss all the past events such as Welcome Back Bash. I honestly want it to be there next year again, so I can repeat the cycle. This coming week is our second and final training for orientation in the spring. I know it will be a ton of fun. This is going to be a busy week, but I’ve gotten through college, well so far so let’s hope for the best. Have a great week! Hawks! Good luck with finals and have a happy thanks giving!


I dream about professors.

Stress! Stress! Stress! That is all that has been going through my mind. It’s not a good feeling. My brain has never felt this way before. I never thought that stress could get any worse than before, and man, was I wrong. Every moment I’m awake, thoughts about school are going through my head. Even when I’m sleeping, I dream about professors. Trust me, I love my professors, but I really don’t want to be dreaming about them either. Being lectured during the day is all that I need.

I guess the thought the semester is almost over and my grades aren’t where I know they could be is what stresses me out the most. I don’t want any “C’s” which is the main concern I’m facing. I don’t want to disappoint my family and friends. The main reason I believe college students stress is because of the final grade they receive in a class. But enough about stressing and grades.

This past week I didn’t really go to many school events. If I did I forgot, because I’ve been too stressed to remember anything. The highlight of the week was probably going to the Hawk Guide meetings. They are so engaging. It makes me feel like I’m an important part in having a successful orientation season. I also have to come up with social event for the orientation leaders. This is the hardest part for me. It’s tricky coming up with ideas and hoping that the OLs will enjoy them. This is also stressing me out a bit with the fact that there is a chance that they’ll be bored and hate the social event I plan.

eric1This past week I was thinking about how great UHCL was and how many great people I’ve met through this semester. I wouldn’t have met most of them if it weren’t for Hawk Launch. I know I’ve spoken about this in another blog, but I’m going to go into detail what came out of the experience. The closest friends that I have right now were on my team during the event. Go Team Yellow! If I had never gone to the event or if it didn’t exist, I wouldn’t have been able to meet such great people. They’re part of what makes college fun and I don’t know what I would do without them. Not only has Hawk Launch given me friends, it also gave me the courage get involved at UHCL. Aside from all the stress that I have, this past week was more of a chill week for me. It gave me a chance to reflect on the past and see what I need to do better. It also made me remember that Hawk Launch was a very special school event for me, and I hope other incoming freshmen experience the same things I did. Let’s enjoy these last few weeks at UHCL before the semester ends. Let’s leave with an impact. Go Hawks!


From pumpkin patches to dancing Bollywood style

Welcome back fellow Hawks. This past week has been one of the most fun weeks I’ve had at the University of Houston Clear-Lake. Two main events this past week were the orientation leader training session and the Diwali festival.

I’m going to start off with the orientation leader training session. I met more great people. A lot of the exercises they did I had done before in past events hosted by organizations like SLICE. Even though I knew how to do the exercises, it was still fun doing them with different Hawks. I did get the great opportunity to become a Hawk Guide. I was ecstatic when I received the news. I know it will be a lot of work, but I’m willing to give it my all. I want to be the best Hawk Guide I can become. We also did skits, and those were hilarious. I’m excited for the next training session already. The incoming students are going to love UHCL.

ericThis week there was also the pumpkin pictures. Pumpkins are what make fall so festive. During the pictures, I just wanted to hug the pumpkin and take it home. I’ve been dying to carve a pumpkin for so many years. Pumpkins aren’t only good for carving, but also for eating. I don’t mean raw pumpkin. I mean pumpkin pie. I know Thanksgiving is still a little ways away, but I go to Wal-Mart every two weeks to buy pumpkin pie. Nothing is as good as home made pumpkin pie.

I’m also craving Indian food that they gave out at Diwali. Funny story is that we (Helen Ngyuen, Nelly Tanori and I) weren’t even planning on going to Diwali (an Indian light festival). We were actually planning on going to a haunted house, but plans changed. We weren’t dressed for the event properly, which made us freak out. Wearing casual clothes to Diwali is kind of embarrassing. We decided to go spend the money we would’ve spent at the haunted house on an outfit. Good call because I was looking as good as an Abercrombie model. I’m so glad we went there instead. I haven’t had that much fun in years. I never dance, and yet I was busting my moves out on the dance floor. I didn’t know how to dance, but I tried following the other Hawks that knew how. I’m pretty sure half the time I was doing girl moves, but I didn’t care it was a blast. All that dancing was my exercise for the month. Man, am I athletic or what? I’m for sure going to Diwali next year. This past week I took pictures with pumpkins, went to my first orientation leader training, and learned how to dance Indian style. I couldn’t have asked for a better week.