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Tennis Club, Anyone?

Hey there fellow Hawks. Alright, so let’s dive right in. The main highlight of the week was the School House Rock Dance, sponsored by the Intercultural Student Services. The dance was a blast and I had so much fun watching all the cultures come together on the dance floor with the live band. I loved all the songs they played even though I wasn’t born in the 50’s, which is what I think they were playing.eric

I love going to events like The School House Rock Dance, because they help take my mind of all the readings and homework I have to do. All the stress I build up during the week I let loose at school events. Hopefully there’s at least one every week of the year. I’m going to need it. This week I also went to the Student Life Lounge to play a quick game of ping-pong with freshman, Amanda Woods. That game was so intense. Balls were flying everywhere. I’m pretty sure the people there were annoyed with our competitiveness. I suck at ping pong but it’s the only thing that’s as close to tennis at UHCL. This got me thinking afterwards that I should organize a tennis club. Who knew UHCL had tennis courts, because I didn’t until a couple days ago. I’ll let you guys know how that goes next week. I feel like now that UHCL is a four-year institution, we should start having some sports clubs at least. Maybe in the future they’ll turn in actual teams.

The Student Org Expo was another event that was going on during school this past week. There was so many organizations involving different cultures and so much diversity. “The university does an excellent job of allowing people to be comfortable with who they are and their unique nationality,” said Helen Nguyen, a fellow freshman.

I love being part opingpongf a university that embraces everyone’s culture. At the expo I also signed up to become a volunteer leader. I really want to be involved in the university. I went to most of the booths at the expo. They really know how to lure in people with all the treats and items they hand out. Hopefully next year there will be a tennis club, and I will be the founder. As a freshman, I have so many questions, but I don’t always ask because I feel that the question is too stupid. I’m starting to learn that if you have a question, ask it before something goes wrong. I’m not very good at math, so whenever I have a question I go to the Math Center. They’re very resourceful and help with any questions you may have. Has anyone else been feeling stressed? Well that’s college for you. I feel like when I graduate from UHCL I’m going to have a full head of gray hairs and a fat belly. Because when I study all I do is eat! Eat! Eat! Anyone else like that? I did try to burn some fat at the gym which I finally had a chance to go to. One of my fellow Hawkmates Samantha Ali (which is also a freshman) showed me where to sign up to use the gym. I was not expecting her to be a super human. She can lift, bro. She’s got super strength. I know who I’m calling for back up whenever I need it. I’ll be calling Super Sam. The Fitness Zone is a fun place to burn carbs (that way you can eat more). I was very sore the next day after going but it motivates me to get that body all the ladies want a man to have. This wraps up my second blog and I’ll see you next week again feel free to leave comments or suggestions.




My First Week at UHCL

Let me start off by saying my name is Bianca Salinas, and I am a part of UHCL’s inaugural freshman class. I was fortunate enough to be chosen as one of the freshmen bloggers to document my experience at UHCL. Not only will I blog my personal experiences at UHCL, but I will give you all information I believe will make your transition into college run much more smoothly.

I am a first-generation college student and I plan on earning my master’s degree in psychology. What do I want to do with my degree? Honestly, I have no clue as of this point. It’s almost crazy how we as teenagers are expected to come up with our life plan when we are still getting to know ourselves. Luckily, we have many great programs and people on our campus that are glad to help us decide.

I will be visiting our Career Services Center in SSCB 3109 very soon to get an idea of which route I would like to take to my path to success. If you aren’t exactly sure about which path you would like to take be sure to take a visit as well. The expenses are covered in our tuition fees, so don’t hesitate to use this resource.

Hawk Launch, August 23rd, 2014hawklaunchpaint

I had a great time at the Hawk Launch, and I enjoyed being around my fellow Hawks. Everyone had such a positive attitude, and it was great getting to know one another. I was on the Blue Team, we had on our blue capes and masks and we’re ready to win the Hawk Games. Unfortunately, the Green Team took the winning title, but it was okay, because it was all in fun and games. We were provided breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which was great news for me! We were offered a chance to listen and ask UHCL alumni questions. Everyone had the opportunity to take a personality quiz and break among four different groups and find the pros and cons of our personality traits. It was interesting talking to peers who had the same mindset as I did, and I learned more about myself this day. At the end of the day all teams emerged together and threw powdered paint at one another! I am extremely grateful to be a part of such an amazing community.

UHCL Welcome Back Bash

For all of you that came out to the #UHCLWBB know how exciting it was. My niece, Jocelyn, and I went by almost every booth to check out what my school had to offer. There were different games to play, prizes to win, and raffles to enter. There was even free Italian Ice! I also found out that we get FREE ADMISSION into the Armand Bayou Nature Center with proof of our student ID’s. So you all should definitely check that out. In case you all didn’t know we get Student Discounts.

College Tips to Academic Success

  • Go into each class with an open mind, remain POSITIVE

Even if you don’t like the course, just know there is a reason you have to take it.

  • Get a planner!

College can get hectic. Buying a planner will help you stay organized and on track.

  • Explore the campus, GET INVOLVED

Research shows students who get involved have a greater chance of being successful in classes.

  • Always be on time, don’t skip class unless absolutely necessary

Like I’ve learned from Hawk Leadership Institute (HLI), “Being early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, and being late is UNACCEPTABLE.” If you are going to miss a day, be sure to talk to your professors about making up missed work prior to being absent.


Thank you all for reading. I will make this blog as interesting as possible. I’m looking forward to a great year. Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend!