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New Year, Same Me

I’m having some trouble getting back into the hang of things at school. My body is in class, but my mind is working its way down from the sky. I got way too comfortable during winter break and my thoughts are scattered. I’m questioning my classes, my teachers and even those closest to me. I’m assuming it’s because of all those critical thinking skills I bianca1learned last semester. I’m not going to jump to conclusions because it was only the first week of school. I can’t help but to daydream in class and think of my best friends, Jessica Cruz and Celeste Luis and how much fun we had over the break. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t in school, but then they give me major kudos when I tell them what I am doing in school.

I understand nothing comes easy, but I know others my age who have full time jobs and can afford to live on their own. I’m at such an awkward place in my life because I’m between a teenager and an adult. I can make my own decisions in the eyes of the law, but whatever my mother says is what goes. I just have to relax my mind and body and do what I have to do. This will be a great year!

Since it was the first week of school, no assignments were due. What a blessing! I filled up my planner with all the information from each of my syllabus and I feel I can handle my classes very well. I’m so relieved I do not have to take any math classes for the rest of my college career, but who knows I might change my major again. I’m only taking 13 credit hours this semester and I have a sense of relief because I have proved to myself I can handle 16 credit hours. All my teachers seem nice, and I’m looking forward to see what information they can provide me.

Being a part of the Hawk Leadership Institute allows me to obtain leadership development hours and community service hours. So I attended the How Your Spirituality Can Impact Your Leadership Practice workshop this past Friday and it was out of my comfort zone. I enjoyed it, but I felt very nervous for some reason. It’s hard discussing your spirituality with strangers so I just sat back and listened for an hour and a half. The discussion was held by Gary Adams from the Counseling Services department and Chuck Crocker from the Career Services department. Others in the group were encouraged to share, but not everyone did. I had so many thoughts going through my mind when the conversation took place, but I couldn’t put them in words. I finally expressed my thoughts on my spirituality and it was such a release. Dr. Gary Adams even acknowledged my passion as I was speaking, and it made me feel so liberated. I still had so much to say, but then the workshop came to an end. As each day goes by, I get to know myself more and more.

More Leadership Workshops are held throughout the year so check one out if you are looking forward to finding your inner leader. Just be sure to register first!