As Far As Extracurriculars…

Hey Hawks!  

I hope your week is going great, because mine seems to never stop! Thankfully, next week will be super chill in comparison.  

I forgot how hectic things got around midterms. I’m only taking three lecture classes, but somehow I’ve already had four exams. They just keep on coming. I’ve been surprised at myself by how fast I’ve been able to switch gears from Human Physiology to Genetics to Organic Chemistry… It’s like I drown myself in all things organic chemistry for 24 consecutive hours and then move on to do the same for the next subject. That’s probably not how college was meant to work.  

As far as extracurriculars, things have gone okay. I became the Co-Chair of the Membership Committee for Campus Activites Board, so that’s exciting. Our first orientation will hopefully be this upcoming week. Plus, CAB has been really cool about letting me develop my photoshop skills by letting me do some of their flyers. I’m sure they appreciate it too, but I’m mostly glad I can take some time off schoolwork to do something I really enjoy.  

Speaking of taking time off, y’all know I love Study Paws! I was able to go and relax for about an hour right after a really big test. It was the perfect de-stressor. I’m already looking forward to the next time they’re on campus, even though that means I’ll be rushing to cram information into my brain before exams.  

Being a part of Hawk Leadership Institute this year has also been super exciting. I got to do my first one-on-ones with my mentees this week! It was really different, but fun, being on the other side of a one-on-one. I’m also blessed with two amazing mentees, so that definitely helps. Speaking of leadership, I was accepted as a facilitator for the Leadership Retreat coming up later this month! I’m really excited because this retreat meant a lot to me last year, when I went as a participant. Plus, a lot of my friends, Flor, Izuh and Diveanne, are going to be there too!  

I’m really excited for all these new things to come to life! 

Until next time Hawks! 

– Natalia  


Halloween Is Near!

Welcome back fellow Hawks I hope you all had an amazing fifth week of classes. We are entering week six of the semester which means, Thanksgiving will be here in no time. I know I’m skipping ahead of Halloween, but I’m ready to devour a turkey! Holiday season is underway, which means that for the next three months we must be prepared to see pictures of sexy Halloween costumes, dead turkeys and ugly Christmas sweaters. 

It seems like everyone this year is going crazy about Halloween! Not sure if I just missed everyone going bonkerIMG_1184s over the holiday last year, or if I was just living under a rock. This year most of my Facebook feed is, “Omg it’s finally October!” Which I don’t agree with because “OMG its finally creepy clown season!” Halloween isn’t that scary, but the one thing that I am scared of during Halloween is those pesky clowns. Ever since my mom made me participate in a clown game during a birthday party I have never seen clowns the same way. Man, I wish I wouldn’t have never gone to my own seventeenth birthday party. Now, I can never be in the same room as a clown. So if you ever want to see me panic just take me to a clown convention, I’m sure that’s a thing in the world we live in now, but just expect me to curl up into a ball and cry for my mom. Yes, even if I’m 21. 

Hurricane Harvey left my home flooded when it hit, which meant we had to do many repairs around the house. Luckily this past week I can proudly say my room is sort of restored considering sheetrock, doors, and carpet had to be removed. Now, all that’s left is to paint the walls!  

My weekly favorite this past week was a snack my dad picked up from the store. They’re known as fiber brownies. It’s the good old Great Value brand, because we have to stay on a budget. Those brownies are not only semi-heathy at only 90 calories per serving, but also packed with lots of fiber! I didn’t realize how good they’d be. Go out and get you some fiber brownies! I might be giving them out to trick or treaters since many Americans don’t consume enough fiber. 

Well that’s it for this week Hawks, I hope everyone enjoys their week! Have a great I Heart UHCL Week! 


Study Tips 4.0!

Assignments have begun to pile up and “senioritis” is starting to spread throughout my body. We’re heading into week four which means midterm season is upon us. Luckily some of my classes don’t even have midterms scheduled for the semester, which is why I’m not too stressed out this week. 

I just want to say that even after three years of rigorous courses, I still get headaches when I spend an entire day stressing about homework and keeping up with classes. These are rare, but just the other week I got one mainly from assignments that were piling up. So, I happen to have a few tips on de-stressing. 

First, and my favorite, is to catch up on all the new fall shows coming up like “American Horror Story”, one of my all-time favorite shows. It’s going to be hard focusing on assignments and homework with all the new TV shows that appear every fall, but watching TV is a great way to de-stress. It’s like television networks know college students need something to look forward to each week to help them move forward.  

My new obsession this past summer was “Big Brother”. Essentially, it’s a social experiment where 16-20 people get stuck in a house with no communication with the outside world. They go through competitions and evictions. The winner gets whopping half a million dollars! It was a bitter sweet feeling when the finale for BB season 19 aired last Wednesday. I’m not usually a fan of reality TV, but the whole concept of this show caught my attention. 

Another great tip for de-

IMG_0931stressing is to do homework in short snippets. It’s great to work on it a bit and take a break. Always give it attention in little breaks and before you know it the assignment will be finished. I started doing this trick during my summer classes, and man has it saved me from growing grey hairs. I am proud to admit that not even with all the vigorous courses in my college career have I had a single grey hair, well so far, fingers crossed. 

Well that’s it for this week Hawks! Have a great week and get ready for those pesky mid-terms.  







I’m Still In Summer-Mode

Hey Hawks! 

The third week of school is finally over. Or is it the fourth? 22045769_10210401994867725_2669507202602592021_n, so I’m not even sure what day it is. Just kidding! I wish that was the case. I’ve actually been on top of everything lately, which is both a great thing and an exhausting thing. 

This week was Social Justice Organization’s first meeting! It was really exciting, even though I was super nervous. The other officers and I presented a PowerPoint about what SJO is going to look like this semester. It was more of an informational meeting, so I had to talk a lot… in front of people…a lot… of talking. 

But it all went well, I think! We had about 10 people come to the meeting, including the Coordinator of the Office of Student Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Erika Garcia, and the Coordinator of Student Leadership, Involvement and Community Engagement, Yolanda Barnes. It was nerve-wracking having them there, because I really admire both of them, but it was also very motivating. All in all, I think things ran smoothly.  

As far as school goes, I’ve been incredibly busy. I’ve had to quickly shift gears from SJO to Genetics to Organicic Chemistry to Physiology, and back to SJO again. Needless to say, I don’t get enough sleep. However, being able to get so many things accomplished feels amazing! Not only is SJO doing great so far (we already have 3 events coming up!), but I’ve been doing really well in all of my classes.  

I have my first set of exams this upcoming week, so I’ve been studying all weekend. I did most of my homework on Friday, then studied for literally 15 hours straight on Saturday, and 8 hours straight on Sunday. I honestly don’t know how I do it. What’s even worse is that I can’t study at home, so I have to come up to school. My friend, Izuh, and I usually find an empty classroom in SSCB where we can write all over the board and pull up PowerPoint presentations on the projector. It’s very effective, but it means that I have to drive back home (a 45 min drive) at 4 a.m. Not fun. Probably not safe. And definitely not healthy. But that’s the college life, right?  

My first exam is this upcoming Tuesday. I feel pretty okay about it. (I’ll keep y’all posted).  

That’s all for now. Clearly, I need to get some sleep. 

Until next time, Hawks! 

– Natalia  




So Many Acronyms!

Hey Hawks! 

I hope the second week of school has treated everyone well. I am dedicated to making this semester better than the last. So far, everything seems to be on track. I hope it stays that way. Surprisingly, I’m caught up in all of my classes! It’s such a simple thing but that alone relieves me of so much stress and leaves room for me to do other things.  

As far as extracurriculars go, I’m currently active in Campus Activities Board (CAB), Hawk Leadership Institute (HLI), First Year Seminar (FYS) and Social Justice Organization (SJO). So many acronyms! I’m in the Spotlight Committee (formerly known as Education Committee). It’s really fun and inspiring. We’re planning events that shine light on issues that are relevant to college students but aren’t always talked about. For example, our first in a series of events called “Food for Thought” will be an open discussion about Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, more commonly known as DACA, and Title IX. This event is actually co-hosted by SJO. This is the student organization that I started last semester.  

I’m really excited because this upcoming week will be our first general meeting! We had a ton of people sign up at the Student Organization Expo this week, which was fantastic. We worked really hard on our booth and I’m glad that people appreciated it and took the time to talk to us and/or sign up. I’m a little nervous because this is the first time I’ve led a general meeting for a student organization. Thankfully, all of the other officers are great and they’ve been helping me navigate this whole leadership thing really well.  

Speaking of leadership, HLI is still a big part of my college life. Getting to experience it through the eyes of a mentor is definitely a big change, but it’s one that I really enjoy. We haven’t done much yet, we’ve only

blog 2 fall 2017 pic

had one general meeting thus far, but I can tell that this is going to be a great group and a great year.  

FYS is also known as Learning Frameworks. As y’all know, I’ve been a peer mentor twice before. This year is my third time and I’m liking it more than ever. Not only is the common reader awesome (Hidden Figures) this semester, but I get to work closely with an amazing faculty mentor: Professor Robert Bartsch. As I’ve said, I’ve mentored for this class before, so I know most of the material by heart. However, Bartsch puts his own spin on things and really makes the class his own. I really appreciate it and I think the students are going to love it throughout the semester.  


That’s pretty much the update that I have for y’all this week. I hope everyone is doing great. And if not, remember that the newest employee, Murphy the Therapy Dog, has his own office! Stop by and let him give you little dog kisses to make you feel better. 

See ya! 

–  Natalia 


Hold On To Your Horses

Hold on to your horses because the fall semester is officially in overdrive. This is around the time where the social lives of students start to plummet because classes start to become more than just taking syllabus quizzes. College is the equivalent of a horror movie that’s lasted a bit too long.  

Hurricane Harvey impacted Texas residents in various ways. It was a storm that put us through a variety of trials and, in the end, we were able to perceiver. When the weather channel started to talk about how impactful Harvey would be, I just thought



they were exaggerating. Heck, I even went to the gym the night before we were hit by the storm. That night at midnight, I realized this was a serious storm; the rain was pounding on my roof and there was an indoor pool in my house.  

UHCL has been handling the Harvey impact in the best possible way. UHCL has offered aid and programs to students who were impacted by the storm. Even the students have gotten involved and made donations. There are always going to be events that pop out from the sky such, and it’s nice to know that a campus such as UHCL makes the students safety a top priority. 

UHCL has had a variety of events these past two weeks such as the Welcome Back Bash, Student Organization Expo and movie screenings. Now I’ve been at UHCL for three years, so I know these events are chock-full of freebies! Nothing better to get the semester started off right than one or maybe 12 water bottles.  

I would also like to announce that my weekly favorites are coming back next week. A weekly favorite is any TV show, restaurant, food, snack, book, etc. that I believe deserves a spotlight and a chance to be experienced by other UHCL students. Keep a look out for that! 

Well that’s it for this week hawks, I hope you all have a great third week of classes. Next week I’ll be describing what senior classes are really like. 



A Chaotic First Week.

Hey Hawks!

 I hope you’re all safe from the chaos that was Hurricane Harvey. It’s certainly a strange way to start the school year. My heart truly goes out to everyone who’s lost anything through this storm

blog 1 pic fall 2017

– be it furniture, homes, or even their pets. However, it’s inspirational to see the community come together to help one another. Lately, I’ve been very proud to call myself a Houstonian.  

 School started a whole week late (as you all well know), so I didn’t know what to expect. It seemed as though we truly hit the ground running this time. There was no “syllabus week” this semester. It was definitely something my friends had warned me would happen, so I tried my best to prepare during my w

eek off.  Thankfully, there wasn’t any damage where I was, but I was pretty much just stuck indoors for a week. We still had power, so I basically spent that time either binge-watching “Game of Thrones”, printing syllabi, or sleeping for hours on end.  

 Coming back to school and having so many responsibilities all at once is definitely a shock to my system. I’m currently taking six classes (three lectures and three labs), a peer mentor for Learning Frameworks, a peer mentor for the Hawk Leadership Institute and the president of the Social Justice Organization. It might not sound like a lot, but it sure feels like it.  

 I’ve started this semester with a planner and hopefully I’ll finish with it too. I’ve never used a planner, so we’ll see how this will go.  Right now it’s already full of so many scribbles and due dates! Wish me luck. 


Until next time, Hawks! 

– Natalia