Natalia and SJO starts making plans for next semester

Hey Hawks!

I hope you’ve had another great week at UHCL. Mine was very slow-paced, and mostly consisted of wrapping up a lot of extracurricular activities and getting ready for next week’s Student Leadership Banquet.

The Social Justice Organization hosted elections this week. I will continue to be president, Lisa Jatta will be treasurer and Joe Riley will be our Student Government Organization Representative. We still have the vice president and secretary positions available, so we will focus on filling those positions and if anyone is interested, just let me know. Last general meeting, we talked heavily about what our next year looks like. We want to have more “Let’s Talk About…” events, as well as more stand-alone events like our “#MeToo” event in Atrium I of Bayou.

Another great news: The Social Justice Organization has been nominated for two awards at this year’s Student Leadership Banquet! We are nominated for Social Awareness Event for “Let’s Talk About Guns” alongside Turning Point USA. We are also nominated for Student Organization of the Year, which is essentially the most important award of the night for student organizations. We are running against Delta Xi Nu, which is impressive in itself! Delta Xi Nu is a large organization that is always visible, always active, and always embodying excellence. Even if SJO doesn’t win, running against them is already an achievement.

Speaking of the Student Leadership Banquet, I went shopping this weekend for a suit. That’s right! Not a dress, but a suit. I’m super excited because it’s my first time wearing a suit. Definitely expect lots of pictures.

That’s pretty much it from me this week. I’m excited for next week though! I’m looking forward to the Student Leadership Banquet, as well as the Rememberall play being put on by UHCL Storytellers!Natalia

Until next time, Hawks

– Natalia


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