Natalia gets to relax and enjoy extracurriculars

Hey Hawks!

I hope y’all had another great week at UHCL. School has slowed down a lot, so I’ve had a lot of time to focus on extracurricular stuff.

On Wednesday, the LGBTQ Student Coalition hosted an LGBTQ+ Open Forum, which was really successful. We had a good number of people show up and talk about what they wanted to see at UHCL in terms of LGBTQ+ community. We had an open discussion about building community, events on campus, LGBTQ+ visibility and healthy allyship. It was a very fruitful discussion, where we came up with a bunch of ideas! I’m really excited about what the next year will bring. We’re already planning exciting events.

Coming up on April 27, we’re going to Texas State University for the Queer Collegiate Summit, a conference specifically for LGBTQ+ college students. We’re travelling with Associate Dean of Students, Iliana Melendez, and eight other students. I’m super excited about it. It’s going to be an amazing experience.

The 29th Annual Chili Cook-Off was this weekend, which was pretty exciting! I wasn’t as involved as I have been in the past, but I still showed up to show support to Hawks Leadership Institute. Their theme was Circus, which was pretty fun to do. Everyone dressed up as different circus characters. I wore a beard the whole time because I was the bearded lady! It was nice because the beard also served as a scarf. If you were at Chili Cook Odd at all this weekend, you know it was super cold that day. Thankfully, chili is hot and that kept us warm. One of my friends, Flor Gonzalez, was the captain of the HLI team. She did an amazing job. I felt really proud of her. It reminded me of last year, when I was the captain for my HLI team. She was there supporting me, which is when I first brought up the idea to her of being captain. She did not disappoint!

That’s pretty much the most exciting part of my week. I’ll keep y’all posted on what else comes up throughout the week!

Until next time, Hawks

– Natalia

Three friends dressed as circus performers.

Natalia, as the bearded lady, supports HLI at the Chili Cook-Off.

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