Hectic, but Valuable Semester

Hey, Hawks!

I hope you are all doing well. The spring 2017 semester is pretty much over. Everyone (including myself) is too busy studying nonstop for upcoming finals to find time to do anything else.

This week, the most I did was attend a few events, including a PHSA event at a pharmacy compounding company. We went on a tour of the facility and even got to play around in their laboratory and create gel and cream. It was super fun and I am excited to do it again next year.

This week was also the Hawk Leadership Institute’s (HLI) spring social, so that was pretty fun. It was Hawaiian-themed with Thai food. It was nice to just take a few hours away from school to relax and enjoy time with friends. Hopefully, I will get to continue my involvement in HLI next year. I completed the two years of the program, and now I have applied and interviewed for a peer mentor position for next year.

Apart from that, I have just been studying like crazy for upcoming exams. I am pretty excited about next week’s Leadership Luncheon too! I still need to find something to wear for that, but I cannot seem to find the time to go shopping. Hopefully, I will not have to repeat last year’s outfit.

Overall, I feel like it was a very hectic, but very valuable semester. Either way, I cannot wait for that summer break!

See you around, Hawks!



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