Final Events of the Semester

Hey, Hawks!

I hope that you all had a great week. I probably had one of the busiest weeks of my entire college career (as of now).

I had a total of four exams in the span of two days. They were not easy exams, either – all hard sciences. As you can imagine, I spent those two days holed up in the library, trying to cram as much information as I could. It was semi-successful.

Immediately after my last exam, I had to shift gears and plan the final details for the Chili Cook-Off. I needed to get supplies, buy all of the ingredients and coordinate with my volunteers. It was pretty hectic.

On Friday, which was the day before the Cook-Off, I needed to get everything in order and prepare the cook’s choice. I also needed to finish making decorations (which included spray painting a table cloth and burning a hazmat suit). The stressful part was that I needed to finish everything by 2:30 in the afternoon because the Music Club meeting started at 3:00. Then, at 5:00 in the evening, I had to volunteer for a really big CAB event.

CAB hosted an Outdoor Movie event. They had tried to do this a few months back, but it rained and they had to make it an indoor movie night. This Friday, the weather was thankfully really nice. The event began at 6:00 in the evening with lots of outdoor games, including an inflatable Connect Four, Frisbee, table tennis and hillbilly golf. I was stationed at an inflatable game called Alien Invasion, in which participants had to shoot balls using an air-based gun to knock off bigger balls that were hovering over cones. It was a big hit because it was so different.

The event also included popcorn, cotton candy, drinks and candy. There were also giveaways, which are always the best part of an event. The first 50 people to play five games got a flannel CAB blanket.

The movie, which was Guardians of the Galaxy¸ began at 8:00 that night. The movie screen was placed across the UHCL hill, while the audience sat on the hill. I usually only see students at these events, but it was nice to see so many families there this time. The event ended around 10:00 that night, and I did not get home until around midnight. The next day, which was Chili Cook-Off day, I woke up at 6:00 in the morning and headed to school.

The Chili Cook-Off, in my opinion, was a complete success for us. We did not win best chili or best cook’s choice, but we won best spirit – both the judged award and by popular vote. It felt really nice to be the one to hold the trophy for the pictures. It was incredibly rewarding, and made me feel like I had been a good leader to my team. I also loved how everyone in my team was noticeably having a great time! This is especially true for Madi, who was running around in an alien morph suit, and Tyler, who was dressed as an agent and chased the alien around. It was just an overall amazing day. I did get really sunburned, but it was worth it.

Until next time, Hawks!



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