Spring Break 2017

Hey, Hawks!

What a week! Spring break 2017 was an amazing experience. It may not have started out too great, but it was a nice break from all of the nonstop homework assignments. And no, it was not a party week like the media portrays spring break to be. For me, it was a mini vacation full of family, fun and beautiful scenery.

A college student gets stressed out a lot, so it is always nice to have a week-long break within each semester. Fall has Thanksgiving break and spring has—well—spring break! It is what keeps me sane throughout the semester, kind of like a type of aspirin for college students.

The week before spring break was terrible. I was in a car accident… again. That is two in less than a year! I sometimes think my car is bad luck. Luckily, spring break helped me relieve some of that stress. During the break, my family and I were able to visit a new part of Mexico that I had never visited before—a small town near the outskirts of San Luis Potosi, which is known as Santiburcio. I have to say that the rivers and waterfalls in this town are a sight to see! The three days that we stayed there were full of non-stop fun. It was definitely the break that I deserved.  spring-break-clip-art-5-spring-break-clip-art-1600_999.png

My weekly favorite for this week was the new cultural snacks that I was able to experience. Growing up in a Mexican household, I was taught to eat a lot of weird food combinations. For example, my taste buds have gotten used to all of the spices and hot condiments. A lot of people find it weird when I drown my fruits in chili powder. “How can you eat that?” is a question that I get too often. Something new that I had not previously tried before but were able to taste this week are these potato sticks that are covered in hot sauce. Imagine a long cotton candy stick, except with a spiraled potato instead of spun sugar.  It tastes like a combination of a French fry and a potato chip—this has to be the greatest invention to date!

I hope that everyone else had an amazing spring break as well. Although many of us might not be too fond of returning back to classes, the end is near, so just stay strong for a few more weeks! Have a great week, fellow Hawks!




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