NODA Is an Amazing Experience

Hey Hawks!


I hope you had another great week on campus. Mine has definitely been eventful. It feels like every week this semester is packed with so many events and extracurricular activities. I suppose this is the result of becoming a lot more active on campus. I definitely cannot say that I regret it.


Did you guys see the Go Texan Day event on Wednesday? It was super fun. I only stopped by for an hour, but I enjoyed it a lot. They had so many games, including hillbilly golf (which I did not know was a thing), lassoing, a memory game, a horseshoe toss and a mechanical bull. I also heard that the food was really good.


I could not stay at the event for long because I had several things to do, including a PHSA (Pre-Health and Science Association) meeting and an Orientation Leader training. The PHSA meeting was really informative and interesting. Someone from Career Services came to talk to us about our possible careers in the health industry, how we can learn more about them and what steps to take to reach them. The Orientation Leader training was fun too, though. I got to meet some other Orientation Leaders and learn a little more about what I will be doing this upcoming summer.


The OL training was a good way to start the week because on Friday, some of us went to NODA, which is a conference in Dallas focused on orientation, transition and retention of incoming students.  It was super fun! Students from universities in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri attended the conference, which made us a very diverse group of around 600. The 3-day conference included fun socials (like casino night, lip sync battle and a glow dance), school spirit activities (shirt swaps, school chants and school trading cards) and educational sessions. The educational sessions were hosted by either faculty or students, and centered on topics ranging from “How do we get commuter students more involved on campus?” to “What are the possible consequences of orientation leaders dating each other?”


For me, the best part about NODA was learning about other campus’s traditions and orientation methods. It made me feel really excited about seeing UHCL and its orientation program grow.


Another thing I should add is that I have been considerably sick this week. I know, I know – when am I not sick? Thankfully, I caught it early and took antibiotics right away. It seems like I am getting a lot better, which is perfect because I cannot afford to miss school. I am still a little sniffly and coughy, but that is nothing I cannot deal with.


Until next time Hawks,



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