College Superpowers!

Welcome back, Hawks!

This semester has been very wonky to say the least. It has never stable. I am constantly checking to see if something new came up. I seem to be super stressed out all the time for the littlest of things. College has been a tough journey, but luckily I adapted and am using the college skills to the max.

No one really talks about the super powers college students get when they journey toward getting their degree. I mean, I have learned to estimate exactly how long it will take to finish an assignment. I have mastered this and used it to my advantage in many classes. Another skill that I have personally accomplished (many might not have acquired this skill yet) is being able to write a 300 page paper in less than 5 hours. It is amazing what the human mind can do. OK—fine, I might be exaggerating it a bit. Nevertheless, I have heard stories of students writing lengthy reports in little to no time. It is as if I am able to freeze time and actually get work done (otherwise known as focusing).

With a new week comes a new weekly favorite. Ever since the year began, I have been trying my best to not indulge in sugary sweets or fatty chips. I surprisingly have been keeping up with that, but there are those occasional times where I slip up. Luckily, I discovered Veggie Chips this past week. They taste great—if not better than regular potato chips, in my opinion. The fact that they are so low in calories and fat compared to other chip brands is amazing. I love eating them with juice squeezed from half and lime and some Mexican hot sauce. The sauce really helps bring out the flavors. I can now eat as many chips as I please. (Just kidding! A serving is 38 chips). They are $3.49, which may be a bit pricey for a college student, but I guarantee you that they are worth it!

Well, that is it for this week, fellow Hawks. I hope you all enjoy mid-term season—use those college superpower skills!




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