College Never Ends!

Welcome back, everyone!

I hope that all of you guys had an amazing fourth week of classes. I know that my week was surprisingly full of nonstop work. It is almost mid-term season, so I might as well start getting used to it.

I always thought that upper-level classes would be more lenient, but I was very wrong. They expect more work, but it seems like it is less. For example we have in total about four assignments/tests for most of my classes, but they are all very lengthy assignments. It is like the professor is tricking my brain to think it is less when it is not! Just last week, I procrastinated (college, am I right?), and was running on little to no sleep. I must have been gifted with a very good brain that loves cramming, because those assignments got finished on time (insert emoji with sunglasses here). Another problem with upper level courses is that many of my classes are spaced out throughout the day, so my days typically end around 10 PM—this makes it difficult for me to make time to go to campus events!

I mentioned last week that I was going to start having my favorite snippet of the week. My first favorite snippet of the week has got to be the brand-new Netflix original series called Santa Clarita Diet. I finished all 13 episodes in half a day—did I mention that this is the reason why I procrastinated? The show essentially focuses on a modern-day family with a slight problem. The mom is a zombie that eats people, and the husband takes on the challenge of helping his wife acquire her “food.” So romantic! The couple kills bad human beings such as drug dealers and rapists to keep zombie mom alive. There are, of course, other factors to the storyline, too, including many great characters that appear and the many obstacles that they have to go through to not get caught. For instance, both of their neighbors are police officers. It is a gory comedy TV show that deserves a score of 9/10.

Well, I hope that everybody has a great fifth week of classes. Try not to procrastinate!





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