Can I Get Break?

Hey, Hawks!

I hope that you guys had a great week. Mine was super eventful – it felt like it was not stopping at any moment.

First, (as I said in my last blog) I spent the entire weekend studying like crazy so that I could take the hardest exam of my life. It paid off relatively well (I got a B), but now I know I need to study sooner and regularly. A friend and I have planned to study a bit every weekend so that we are not overwhelmed or cramming the night before.

Immediately after my exam, I began studying for even more tests. This upcoming week I have four! Wish me luck.

Monday through Thursday consisted of me rushing to class, taking quizzes, and completing assignments for all six of my classes. Plus, I scored papers for the Learning Frameworks class in which I am a peer mentor. I cannot complain about that last one, though. I really enjoy being a Peer Mentor and am so excited to connect with and get to know the class.

On Friday, I woke up super early to volunteer at the Bay Area Pet Adoptions. Every Friday at 8 AM, there is a big dog-training session, so I went out there to take some videos and pictures of the event to post on the shelter’s Instagram page.

Later that day, I attended a CAB Orientation, which is one of the requirements to become an actual CAB member. It was surprisingly pretty fun. Now I only need to volunteer at one more CAB event to become a member.

Afterwards, I attended a Brown Bag Luncheon at UHCL’s Art Gallery, which was pretty cool. Artists are some of my favorite people to talk to.

I ended the day by attending a SLICE workshop entitled Captivating an Audience: Public Speaking 101. It was very informative and interactive. I would highly recommend it. Immediately after, I drove home and literally slept for 14 hours straight. (No joke.)

On Saturday, I woke up refreshed and ready for the day. I studied even more and then rewarded myself with the on-campus screening of La La Land, followed by an awesome performance by the UHCL Music Club.

All in all, it was a good week, but I am already greatly anticipating Spring Break.

Until next time, Hawks!

– Natalia


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