A Week Full of Surprises

Hey, Hawks!

Another week; another level of stress added to the workload. College has given me enough pain that it has numbed my body. I seem to expect to stay up late and cry every time I overlook an assignment. Nonetheless, I always make it through. This past week was full of healthy choices, a sharp schedule, and a new weekly favorite.

I have some great news! This past week marked my 6th consecutive week of sticking to my workout regimen. My journey to a healthier lifestyle started this past January. Eating healthier and exercising daily has given me more energy. I feel like I can focus better in classes and even get my homework done earlier. It has not been an easy task, though. Junk food is extremely tempting—trust me—but once I learned to resist I craved it less and less. A healthy snack that I love to eat is fresh cucumber sliced and seasoned with chili powder and a squeeze of lemon. Take notes, guys, I am the next Gordon Ramsey.

Classes have surprisingly been getting easier as the weeks go by. Once I get used to a weekly pattern of tasks, my days seem to go smoother. I never realized that organization and time management actually worked as much as people said. I need to pay more attention to the tips I find around UHCL.

maxresdefaultNow, let us move on to my new weekly favorite: This past week, I was in love with the news that a brand new Legend of Zelda game was coming out soon. I am the number one Legend of Zelda fan, so it was a surprise that I had not heard of this before. The new game in the series is the most brilliant one yet. So much is changing in the Zelda universe; the massive universe has finally been given the detail it deserved. The title is launching on March 3, 2017 along with the new videogame console the Nintendo Switch.

Well, that is it for this week. Be prepared for those sneaky finals. Study up as much as possible, but also squeeze in a couple of breaks in between. I hope that you all have a great week! Go Hawks!






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