My week consisted of organization meetings, birthday parties, and leadership workshops!

Hey Hawks!

I hope that by now you have settled nicely into this new semester. My week consisted of organization meetings, birthday parties, and leadership workshops.

I stopped by the Student Orgs Expo this week. Even though I was not staffing a booth, I walked around and helped some of my friends with their booths. It is interesting to see how organizations grow throughout the semester and how new ones emerge. This was the first time the Green Hawks (an eco-friendly student organization) came out to the expo. I thought that they seemed very interesting.

I also attended this semester’s first CAB meeting. I am really excited for all of the upcoming projects and events that CAB is putting together! Keep your eye out for those!

On Tuesday, it was my girlfriend’s 21st birthday! We did not do much because Tuesdays are our busiest schooldays. Instead, we had a party at her house on Friday. It was a really great stress-reliever to have at the end of a busy week.

On Saturday, I went to an indoor miniature golf course, (in which I got my butt kicked), which was a lot of fun! I also got to play a lot of vintage games, like street fighter and pinball. It was super fun.

On Sunday, I visited my girlfriend’s parents and we all got together for a movie night.

Overall, it has been a great week full of fun activities, but I feel like I am probably forgetting to do assignments. I am still trying to get the hang of when weekly homework is due for each class, as well as remembering to print out notes for each class beforehand. I even got to school 3 hours late once because I forgot that I had class that day! Hopefully this upcoming week will be better in that respect.

Until next time, Hawks!

– Natalia


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