A Year of Self-Development

Week no. 2 is officially over! We are about to head into February and the stress is starting to settle in.

Junior year has been a year of self-development. I am amazed every day at how different I am now than I was 2 years ago when I started this great journey. Of course I had those days where I was too comfortable in my bed to get up, but I still managed to sneak in 10 extra minutes every time to get me through the day. I, of course, have a bag full of secrets that have helped me through my college career. For example, I set two alarms: One alarm at 6:00 AM and one at 10:00 AM. I wake up at 6 AM, but then go back to sleep so that I trick my brain into thinking I have more time to sleep. Does that make sense? I am not sure if it is scientifically proven, but it seems to help me.

The second week of the semester usually ignites some sort of stress in students. Weeks two and three are the most difficult for me. One of the main reasons is that during the break I did not have the term college in my vocabulary. It is always difficult getting used to a new schedule, especially after having no schedule for over a month. This is what makes starting a semester so hard! Luckily, UHCL offers a lot of stress-free events.

Many exciting events happened this past week at UHCL, such as the student organization expo and the showing of the Disney movie Moana! Unfortunately, my schedule did not allow me to make it to the organization expo, but I know that there are many more new clubs available to students. There is seriously a club for everything—heck, I remember seeing a cooking/baking club last semester that I meant to join. But let us not forget about the Moana showing! Didn’t this movie just come out in theatres?! It is crazy that UHCL is already showing it! I would say that those are the perks of being a hawk.

Well, that is all for this week! Be sure to maintain good attendance in classes and study, study, study!




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