Another semester already?

Hey, Hawks!

Can you believe that it is another semester already? It seems that only yesterday I was stressing about finals. Now, I have got other things to stress about. This semester is the first one during which I am taking solely science classes, so I have got to really help myself stay motivated throughout the entire semester. Of course, this does not mean that there is not any time to have fun!

Student orgs are already starting to hold events for the spring semester, including the newly-re-named Office of Student Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (formerly known as Intercultural Student Services) which held a bingo night recently. I was hanging out in SSCB when I ran into the event, so I decided to participate. I ended up going home with a beanie, an umbrella and a tumbler.

On that same night, Orientation and New Student Programs (ONSP) also held a bingo night and provided participants with snacks, refreshments and even blue and green popcorn.

Keep your eye out for more student orgs! They are a great way to de-stress, pass the time, and have fun.

If all else fails, then I would suggest visiting UHCL’s art gallery which is now displaying an exhibit called Reflecting Reimaging, which includes selections from Glassell School of Art Studio faculty members. It is a very thought-provoking exhibit, unlike anything I have ever seen at UHCL.

Apart from these few events, I have not been up to much. I have bought all my books, half-started my homework, and have already started procrastinating. Still, I am very hopeful about this semester! I will keep you guys updated.

Until next time, Hawks!

– Natalia


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