So Many Fun Events!

Hey Hawks!


I hope that you all have had a great week. We are so close to a well-deserved Thanksgiving Break and I could not be more excited! I do not actually celebrate Thanksgiving, but it is always nice to take some time to relax, spend all day in pajamas, and binge-watch shows on Netflix.


This weekend, I had my very first Friendsgiving, which was super fun! We had a ton of yummy food, played card games, watched Friends, and had an overall great time.


This upcoming Thanksgiving Break is also a great reminder that the semester is close to its end! This Friday, we had our last HLI meeting of the semester, followed by our Fall Social. It was really fun to simply hang out with everyone. We had Thai food (which I had not ever tried before), and it was really good.


On Thursday, CAB hosted a volleyball event. I am a 0% physically active person, but the weather was nice enough for me to sit on the grass and watch my friends whack a ball back and forth. Afterwards, my friends and I stopped by the Give Thanks event hosted by ONSP (Orientation and New Student Programs). They had free coffee, cookies, and adult coloring books. It was a nice way to distress before finals.


That is pretty much everything that happened this week. As far as my now-non-existent appendix, I am feeling MUCH better. Sometimes I even forget that I had surgery.


I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving Break! Eat lots, sleep lots, and shop lots (if you are going Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping)


Until next time Hawks,



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