A Well Deserved Break

Welcome back, Hawks!


I hope that the last few weeks of the semester are going well for everyone. As Thanksgiving approaches, we get a nice little break before finals actually kick in. In my opinion, all of the meals involved make this is a great way to relieve stress. I may not have had my summer body, but I sure will have my winter body. When it comes to Thanksgiving, people start to think I actually have three stomachs.

With the holidays coming up, it is no surprise that a lot of video games are coming out. A few of the games coming out are Pokémon Sun and Moon. I still remember the Pokémon game that got it all started for me. Pokémon Crystal was my very first Pokémon game and I got it for my seventh birthday along with the Gameboy. I have not been able to stop playing video games ever since. In fact, that is probably what I will be doing most of this Thanksgiving! Oh, yeah, and hang out with family, too. But who has time for family when you have to catch ‘em all?

What comes after Thanksgiving? Black Friday! Who is excited about that? I think of the infamous holiday as a bunch of long lines for just a couple of dollars off. I feel like they have the same offers online now. If I do any shopping on Black Friday it is usually from behind my laptop where I am safe from being roundhouse kicked in the face.

Well, that is it for this week, Hawks. I hope y’all have a happy Thanksgiving, and be sure to study up on finals during the week.


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