50% stress and 50% more stress

Hey, Hawks!

I hope that you have all had a wonderful week and a spooky Halloween weekend!

I finally had a nice week that did not consist of 50% stress and 50% more stress. I finally got caught up in all of my classes and even began to get more involved on campus. Now that I have dropped a class, my new schedule allows me to finally join CAB! I have been attending several of their events and have seen some of the behind-the-scenes, which makes me excited about joining. I also applied to be an Orientation Leader. I had my group interview this week and will have my individual interview during this upcoming week—fingers crossed for that!

Speaking of CAB events, I hope that all of you got a chance to stop by the pumpkin patch by the UHCL letters. It was pretty neat to see adoptable pumpkins decorating the small field. There were even pumpkin treats (like pies and cupcakes) and a checkers board that used baby pumpkins as pieces.

Another fun event that was held at the Alumni Plaza this week was Music Club’s bake sale! They were selling yummy, home-baked treats like brownies and Oreo cupcakes. To top it off, several Music Club members gave amazing live performances of some of their favorite songs.

The most exciting thing that I did this weekend, however, has to be early voting! I was expecting over an hour-long wait, but it surprisingly only took me about 10 minutes. This is the first time I have ever voted for a presidential election, so it was pretty exciting.

To make the week even better, I went to a really fun Halloween party this weekend. The theme of the night, ironically, was Christmas. It was the proper de-stressor before a week of full-on stress.

I hope that you all had an equally fun week, Hawks! Until next time

  • Natalia



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