TV Shows Are a Great Distraction!

Welcome back, Hawks!

I hope that everyone had a great week. As we head into the final weeks of school, stress is going to be off the charts. I, of course, already have a strategy for my studying—and that is to take as many breaks as possible, which will involve binge watching many TV shows.

TV season premieres keep piling up. It is really hard to focus on studying when so many great shows are waiting to be watched. A few of my fall additions are American Horror Story, Scream Queen, and The Real O’Neals. They are a great mix of comedy and horror. I would have to say that season no. 6 of American Horror Story is my favorite season, even sur03d79bac74bc01252f03eb418e79f96b-american-horror-story-season-6passing Coven for me. It simply has a lot of twists and turns and I love not knowing what to expect.

Aside from watching TV, I have also started playing tennis again. I played with my sister last Thursday and was shocked to find that I still had my skills! Sure, I was a bit rusty; but for not playing for two years, I would say that I played fairly well.

Despite taking plenty of breaks during this past week, I still could not thoroughly enjoy them. I would be constantly reminded of assignments that are due and it would kill my mood. I still need to prepare myself to keep from stressing too much during finals week. There is a lot of pressure, but I do have to say that I feel prepared to take on my final assignments and exams for the semester. I am not a quitter and I know that I will grab my diploma in as little as two years!

Well, that is it for this week, Hawks. I hope that you all have an amazing week. Be sure to take plenty of breaks and take care of yourselves during the coming weeks.

Go Hawks!


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