A Week Full of Surprises and Jump Scares

We are more than halfway into the semester! Finals are going to creep up on us in no time. I have to maintain my sanity because my brain is going to be fried during the coming weeks. Nonetheless, I have still managed to de-stress a bit more than I previously have. My week was full of meeting famous movie producers and going to an annual haunted house trip.

This past Friday, I attended a UHCL Film and Speaker Series. I have not been to one in a while and that night I remembered why I loved them so much. The film of the night was titled “The Head of Joaquin Murrieta,” and it was produced by John J. Valadez. The premise of the film was that Valadez wanted to dig into his family history. Valadez was able to captivate the enitre audience with his emotional scenes. Afterwards, he hosted a Q and A session between himself and the audience. I was even able to meet Valadez and learn more about Hispanic history.

14711383_10154495699831420_2474448051227401363_oThe day after the film session, I was horrified because it was the dreaded annual haunted house trip. My cousins and I attend a haunted house every year; it has become our tradition. I was spooked by a variety of creatures this year—my least favorite of which being the clowns. Unfortunately, my cousins are as much scaredy cats as I am. Do you want to know what they did? Of course, they had to push me to the front of the line! So, naturally, I was always the first to jump when a scary moment came up.

Nevertheless, I enjoy haunted houses. They are always different depending on where you go. I love the excitement of attending various haunts to see the different ways in which they will scare me. You never know what to expect!

Well, that is it for this week, Hawks. Do not forget to study vigorously for those finals. Show them who is the boss! Have a great week, guys!


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