Spirit Week Helped Relive Stress

Hey, Hawks!

It looks like we have survived another week. Thankfully, we are officially halfway done with the semester, so we just have to hang in there for a few more months. I hope that by this time you guys have gotten into the groove of things.

This week has been incredibly fast-paced, with exams, assignments, quizzes, and school events at every turn. I have managed to keep my stress levels in check, though, by making sure that I schedule play time with my favorite puppy.

img_8735aThis week was UHCL’s spirit week, so I hope that you guys all made it to I Heart UHCL Day! It was super fun, with lots of student organizations showing up with interesting information, fun games, and even prizes. My favorite part had to be the giant Jenga set up by Delta Xi Nu.

On Friday, I went to the Menil Collection with a group of friends for a class assignment. Afterwards, we de-stressed by hanging out at the Galleria. It was really fun, considering I had not hung out in Houston for a long time.

That night, CAB (Campus Activities Board) hosted a Glow Dance, which included free t-shirts, glow in the dark paint, fun music, and even the chance to play Mario Kart on Wii. I stayed for a few hours and found it to be a worthwhile experience. I highly recommend going to CAB-hosted events as these have generally been my favorite events to attend.

I spent a lot of my free time with my friend’s puppy, George, who is currently the highlight of my life. I hope that this upcoming week I can find enough time to spend time with her, since I do not want her to forget me or stop loving me. Being greeted at the door by an excited pup and getting lots of loving puppy kisses is literally the best thing on earth.

I hope that you guys have a great week! I will see you around.

  • Natalia

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