Some Things Just Never Change

Can anyone believe that we are on week no. 9 of 15 already?! Stress sure can make time fly. Midterm season was a raging war this semester. It involved a lot of slamming my face in a pillow and taking frequent breaks in between studying.

0ec58dd764b8f2614611249e51e7c879701a16a3a09daf1fca97f43f7578fdb9It is time that I start to reflect on how different my study habits are now from when I first started college. High school was a cake walk for me. I never did any real studying, but when I got to college, that all changed. I learned that, to be successful in my classes, I had to study… a lot! During my first two semesters, I was focused and would study for hours at a time. I however would study a couple days before the exams if not the night before. Has this changed? The simple answer is no. I have changed my study habits a bit, but not too much. I try to study here and there. For instance, during my drive to school, I sometimes listen to videos relating to the class. But, for the most part, my study habits have remained the same. I still study the majority of the information for a given exam a night or two before the exam. I know that this is never the right way to study, but I am just a pro when it comes to procrastinating. I have had times when I could not jam all of the information into my brain in the amount of time that I gave myself, and I know that the day is going to come when it happens again. I am basically trained to regurgitate information. It is a pretty good skill that I have, if I do say so myself, but it is not very good for many classes. For instance, this is not a great strategy for chemistry. Dr. Dubrovsky, a chemistry professor at UHCL, told me that chemistry is about understanding the concepts and not about memorizing the formulas and elements. I took his advice and studied my butt off for the next exam well in advance. This included office hour visits and study sessions. Fingers crossed! I hope that I did well on that exam—even with more studying, I did blank out on a couple of questions. I am hoping for a “B”.

Well, that is all for this week, everyone! I hope that you have all survived midterms unscathed and that you have a great week. Do not forget that finals are about to creep up on us pretty soon.



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