The Three S’s of Mid-Terms….Study, Sleep, and Stress

Welcome back, Hawks!

We are about halfway through the semester, so Christmas will be here in no time. Sorry if I seem a little overexcited about Christmas this year—I have been a good boy. Usually around this time, college students tend to spend their days studying, sleeping and stressing. I always feel like I am doing something wrong when I do not feel as stressed as I should be.

stress-meter-2With spirit week right around the corner, students will be relieved to be able to de-stress a bit and enjoy all of the fun activities happening this coming week. With events like Campus Recess and I Heart UHCL Day, there is no doubt in my mind that everybody can find a fun event that appeals to their tastes. Heck, there is even Study PAWS, an event during which students can play with puppies to de-stress! Now, I have never been to this event but I always hear so many great things about it, so it might be worth checking out.

As for how I am doing academically, let’s just say that I am still functioning. I have always said that getting a planner would make things so much easier instead of having to remember all of the dates in my head. Yet, I am that lazy college student that sees the planner at the store and is too lazy to walk over and grab it. I seriously need to work on this procrastination thing. It has been a work in progress since I started life. Eric needs do start doing his work on time, and start cleaning his room on time—because, oh boy, does my mom get onto me for that one!

Well, that’s it for this week, Hawks! Don’t forget to study up and take breaks in between your study sessions. Go and enjoy spirit week at UHCL—and don’t forget to wear your blue and green! Go Hawks!


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