Creepy Clowns, Friend or Foe?

Welcome back, fellow Hawks!

I hope that you all had an amazing week no. 6 of classes. Can you believe that we are in week seven already?! Thanksgiving will be here in no time, and I am sure that I will have enough of an appetite to devour an entire turkey. The holiday season is getting underway, so during the next three months we should all expect to see pictures of Halloween costumes, turkeys and fat men in red suits.

It seems like everyone is going crazy about Halloween this year! I am not sure if I just missed everyone going bonkers over the holiday last year, or if I have been living under a rock, but I am trying to figure out what is going on. My Facebook feed erupted once October begin with things like: “OMG, it’s finally October!” Then again, there are some people taking it a little far by dressing up as clowns and then trying to scare the public… Apparently this has gotten out of hand and these clowns are supposedly showing up in odd, secluded places, like forests or the outside of some cities. To my understanding, though, they have not really done any harm to anyone, but the creepy clowns have been making threats to schools around the nation. All of this just makes me fear clowns even more than I already did. Ever since I saw the movie “It” adapted from the Stephen King novel, I have been unable to be in the same room as a clown. So if you ever want to see me panic, just take me to a clown convention (I am sure that is a thing in the world nowadays), and I guarantee that I will curl up into a ball and cry for my mom. Yes, even if I am a twenty-year-old adult.  a88797810e9b87c341132ab21d3be8943b33ee7b7da229f44f464776483b513f

Besides thinking of killer clowns during this past week, I was also able to enjoy a nice week of relatively cool weather. It finally feels like fall—sort of. It will still probably be 100 degrees by the end of next week. Now, I’m no meteorologist, but I do live in Texas and am well acquainted with the odd weather patterns that occur here.

Well, that’s it for this week, Hawks! I hope that everyone enjoys their first week of October. Now, do not let the impending holiday season make you forget that Midterms are heading our way. Oh, and try to avoid those creepy clowns too! Let’s hope that none come near our campus—otherwise, I might have to hire Hunter the Hawk to be my bodyguard.


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