Fall TV Shows are Great Stress Relievers

We are heading into week no. 6 already and midterm season is upon us. Luckily, some of my classes do not even have midterms scheduled for the semester—which is why I’m not too stressed out this week.

I just want to say that even after two years of rigorous courses, I still get headaches when I spend an entire day stressing about homework and working to keep up with my classes. These are rare, but just the other week I got one just out of pure stress because a few exams were coming up. That’s a sign. Oh, yes, midterm season is here.  I happen to have a few helpful tips for de-stressing: firstly—and this is my favorite tip of them—I recommend catching up on all of the new fall TV shows that are coming up, such as Scream Queens, which is one of my all-time favorites.

It is going to be hard focusing on assignments and homework with all the new TV shows that appear every fall. It is like television networks know that college students need something to look forward to each week to help them keep going. Scream Queens was my newest obsession last fall and in the fall of 2016, season two is now emerging. Scream queens is an anthology comedy/horror show that centers around the Chanel Oberlin. The setting last year was in a sorority known as Kappa Kappa Tau. This year the Chanels are set in a hosseason2posterpital with a new killer who is yet to be unveiled. The first episode was as hilarious as I thought it would be and did not disappoint.

It seems that each week there are tons of events on campus that help with relieving one’s stress. For example, this past week, the Campus Activities Board hosted a Nerf War! It was a great way to meet new people, exercise, and even win a Nerf gun. Unfortunately, I was not one of those lucky winners. CAB is new this year, but that has not stopped them from already hosting amazing events such as video game tournaments and even an open mic night.

Well, that’s it for this week, Hawks! Have a great week and get ready for those pesky mid-terms.


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