Exams are Everywhere

Hey, Hawks!

I hope that you all have had a great week. Mine has been terribly exhausting. It feels as though the semester has finally started.  All of the preceding weeks seem to have been only for practice. Exams have begun to show their monstrous heads, and I am holding a spoon, expected to slay them. Okay, that might be a bit dramatic…but I am stressed!

Last weekend I got quite sick, which held me back and made me fall behind on my schedule. I ended up having to miss Monday, which was something I had been trying hard to avoid. Monday is one of my busiest days, so I knew that I would have a lot to make-up work to do throughout the week. With a sniffly nose, I scrambled between classes on Tuesday to finish make-up assignments, complete labs, and catch up on notes. The days dragged on, full of thing20-hilarious-memes-on-exams-funny-jokes-pictures-3s to do, people to see, and upcoming exams to complain about.

My first exam was on Friday, but I began studying for it well in advance, knowing that chemistry has never been my forte. Thankfully, Dr. Dubrovskiy is an excellent professor who gives interesting lectures and super helpful study sessions. Still, I am a bit nervous about my grade.

My second and third exams are both scheduled for this upcoming Friday, which means that I spent the majority of my weekend at UHCL, studying and completing even more last-minute assignments. This work included grading papers for the Freshman Year Seminar, writing three essays, and—of course—finding out what my patronus is. (For those of you who are interested, it is either a black swan or a wild rabbit—yes, I took the test twice! Don’t judge me). Thankfully I have great friends who have to endure the same courses I do, so we have formed a close-knit study group to support each other through this trying time.

Additionally, my second (and last) research participation appointment for SONA was on Friday! I have now completed all of the required credits. At least that’s one thing off the list, right?

Anyway, I have stayed up quite late nearly every night this weekend (including Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), so perhaps I should go to bed before the new week starts. I have to at least be semi-ready for whatever UHCL will throw at me next, right?

Until next time, Hawks!

  • Natalia



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