The Stress Is Finally Kicking In!

Is it week four already?! Well, at least that means that there are only eleven more weeks to go! Welcome back, everyone. I hope that you all had a great weekend as we head on to week five of the semester. As for me, this past week was full of some pretty eventful surprises—just kidding, it was simply just full of stress. The week was full of the usual stressful nights and sudden heart attacks when I realized that I had an assignment due. I did try to get my hands on that extremely rare iPhone 7 to relieve some stress, but, to my dismay, teared up when I was unable to.

Week five is around the time when students should have gotten a rhythm going. I agree it is very challenging at first to get adjusted to a new schedule—and not just a new day schedule, but a new sleeping schedule as well. For the past couple for weeks, I have been experiencing pretty bad insomnia. I may be regretting taking five class this semester. I usually only take 12 credit hours. I know that 15 credit hours may not seem like a lot for some students, but we all have different limits. I tried to challenge myself this semester and I have to say that it is going pretty well so far! I have also become aware that stress causes me to eat a lot. I had not noticed before, but every semester my eating habits go out the door as soon as the stress sets in. Man, do I feel sorry for my body.

14344212_1207564955984238_7124112387528235560_nBesides being so stressed out, I was really glad to have been able to hang out with Helen Nguyen and Nelly Tanori this past weekend. It was a great way to relax and get to see a two-man mariachi band play as we enjoyed a great lunch. We have been together since freshman year and aren’t planning on going anywhere!

Well, that’s it for this week, Hawks. I hope that you all have a great 5th week of school and, remember, keep on striving to make good choices!


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