Week Three Was Full of Events…And Stress!

Guys, can you believe we are about to start our 4th week of school?! I guess with all the stress that piles up every semester, I lose track of time. However, I also have ways to destress myself—like attending school dances!

This past week I was able to attend the School House Rock Dance hosted by ISS. At the dance, I listened to some funky tunes and enjoyed great food. This was my fourth time attending and I have to say that it just gets better and better every time. I even got this cool watch from ISS. That’s not the only thing I got this past week! I also got a hug from an astronaut! That’s right14224878_10154355874340056_7131351113261407180_n—this past Thursday in the Garden Room, Chris Cassidy was a guest speaker. I got the chance to talk to him and even scored a mighty hug from a real life astronaut.

As for my classes, I am actually doing fairly well with all of them. Despite it being my first time to take 15 credit hours, it sure feels pretty easy—which is never a good sign. When something feels too easy, your mind starts thinking that you are doing something wrong. As for chemistry, I have to say that I think that I am finally getting the hang of it. Well, kind of. I’m just hoping to pass this time around. Let’s hope my work pays off.

I also want to touch on a change that I have noticed throughout my years in college thus far. During my freshman year, I would dress to impress. I would do my best to look like a model. When sophomore year came around, button down shirts turned into t-shirts and pants turned into cargo shorts. Then came junior year. I do not mind what I wear as long as it is comfortable. For me, that means basketball shorts, a t-shirt, and my cozy sippers. Who knows what I’ll be wearing during my senior year. I hear bikinis are going to be all the rage next year. I’m just kidding. I wouldn’t look good in a two piece either way. Maybe a one piece, but not a two piece.

Well, that’s it for this week, Hawks. I hope that you have an amazing 4th week of school. Go Hawks!!!


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