Welcome Back Hawks!

UHCL has opened its doors for the fall of 2016, and Syllabus Week has got everyone running about, not knowing exactly where to go, what books to buy, or how to function so early in the morning. Are you glad to be back?

I want to say that I spent my summer adventuring, sun-tanning, and shortening my bucket list. Unfortunately, I actually spent most of my time at UHCL, taking summer courses. I know what you’re thinking—why would I do that to myself? Well, truth be told, it wasn’t the best summer of my life, but it was quite possibly the most productive. That has to count for something, right?

Transitioning from a couple of courses over the summer to a whopping seven in the fall does make me wish I had had a longer vacation. It’s only the end of week one, and I’m already stressed. Thankfully, I have made it my mission to start off on the right foot: my goal this semester is to stay organized enough to keep my stress levels out of the danger zone. I even bought a huge calendar and wrote in every single assignment that I will have due until December.

I was excited to come back, though, because I missed all of my friends, favorite professors, and (especially) my Hawk Leadership Institute (HLI) family. As a second-year HLI member, I get to welcome and help guide the new first-year members, whom we lovingly call our “littles”. I am super excited to see what this HLI year has in store for us!


Speaking of mentoring new incoming students, I am also a Peer Mentor for the First Year Seminar Program. I know, I know… As if I didn’t already have more than enough on my plate. But I just couldn’t turn down such an awesome opportunity! I get to work with students from insanely diverse backgrounds and with different aspirations, and help them transition into the UHCL community. Granted, I also have to grade papers and attend another course (though only as a TA would), but I am certain it will all be worth the experience.

I hope you guys have also had a good first week, Hawks! Remember to say hi to me if you see me around campus. (Yes, my hair is blue again, so I’m really easy to find.)

Until next time,



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