Let’s Get Back To Business

Let’s get ready to rumble! Well, maybe not—otherwise my muscles would be crying from the pain. It’s not as if college hasn’t caused me enough emotional and physical pain already. Some of these textbooks could be used for gym equipment. Seriously.

Hi everyone, and welcome back to week No. 1 of paradise!  I know that there are many new students on campus, so I would like to quickly introduce myself. My name is Eric Yanez and I am one of two bloggers that have been documenting the first freshman class experience since 2014. My main goal is to blog my college experience so that other students can share in some of the things that I experience.

Now let’s get back to business. I do want to update you guys on my eating regimen. This summer I went through a big change regarding my eating habits. I struggled a lot to find what worked best for me. My mom also told me about a superstition that her family has believed for a long time and it is that, if you put the juice of a lime or lemon in a glass of water, the citric acid helps burn fat. I don’t know if it is true but it does give the water a bit more flavor and that’s all that counts. I may not have gotten that six pack, but I sure do feel better about myself.

imagesAhh! The long awaited junior year. I have prepared all summer to get here…literally! I failed chemistry last semester and had to take a class over the summer to get me to the junior status. But, hey, there is no shame in failing—it’s a human thing. I say, let’s learn from our mistakes. I used to believe that the world would come to an end if I failed a class, but that’s really not the case. I was distraught when I saw the dreaded F on my e-service account, but, as SpongeBob Squarepants would say, “I only cried for 20 minutes.”

I know I have to focus more since I am only two years away from graduating. I still cannot believe how long it’s been. It feels like just yesterday that I was writing my very first blog. I am not sure if past Eric and future Eric would get along, but it would be really cool if I could travel back in time and let myself know what the future has in store. I do have to say that, by the end of my college career, my eye bags are gonna be big enough to be a women’s fashion accessory.

I hope everyone had a great first week of school! It is now time for those late night study sessions to begin. Have an amazing week! Go Hawks! 


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