Three Tips For Summer Fun

We’re in the final stretch, Hawks! Don’t give up! As I near the end of the semester, I realize I have no idea what I’m going to be doing for the next three months. To fix this, I am going to suggest a couple of tips for you all to try out this summer. There are three main components to having a blast that you will not forget:

IMG_00931. Always have friends. No matter what it is, friends always make it better. It’s not a party with only one person. Get up off that couch! Forget Netflix! Go out and enjoy that Vitamin D, as many science majors would say.

2. Never forget the food. Let’s be honest here. A party, or hangout, is never a fun experience if there is no food. Be sure to stack up on all the snacks you can grab. You’ll be having fun burning tons of calories in the hot rays of sunshine anyway, so don’t be afraid to consume a few extra Twinkies.

3. Remember that you don’t need a swimmer’s body to have fun. Let’s face it. Many of us thought we would have more time to prepare for the summer. A lot of us still have our Thanksgiving bodies going on. That’s not a problem; we can always try again next year. For now, let’s just worry about having fun!

Follow these three tips and you will be on your way to having those slow-mo beach moments; running toward the light as the beautiful ocean waves reflect off the sun’s rays. Remember to be safe, and have loads of fun!



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