I Can See The End

Hey, Hawks!

I hope you had an amazing week. We’re getting closer and closer to the end of the semester. I, too, have been bombarded by essays, exams and practicals, but we’ve got this. Summer is almost here.

I’ll only really get a month off, though, because I’m going to be taking a couple of classes over the summer. Being an aspiring veterinarian means a whole lot of schoolwork – about 8 years worth. If I can take some shortcuts, I will!

This week was full of fun stuff for me! We’ve finally reached the bit in biology where we get to dissect things. We’ve dissected squids, starfish, rats, frogs and sharks. This is as close to living the dream as I can get at the moment, so I’m really enjoying it.

attachmentI had my big HLI presentation this week. David Rachita, dean of students, and Dr. Darlene Biggers, associate vice president of student services, were our special guests. The presentations were all on point, ranging from songs to videos to raps. They were funny, inspirational and even emotional. I know that many of us had tears in our eyes by the end of it. I had originally planned to do a video, but since I got sick, I ended up making a Prezi. Still, I’m quite satisfied with it.

My first year as an HLI member is quickly coming to an end. Although lots of current members are leaving the Institute, including our ‘adoptive mother,’ Robin Aleman, I am excited for next semester. I’m going to get my own set of ‘little siblings’ that I can boss around – er – I mean mentor.

Another great event that took place this week was The Music Club’s concert. Unfortunately, I was all the way in West Houston with my mom and little brother, so I couldn’t attend. Many of my friends, including Izuh Ikpeama and Madi Stults, performed. Hopefully next time I’ll be cheering in the audience with the rest of you.

That’s about it for me, Hawks. Until next time!



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