I Won The Chili Cook-Off!

chiliHey Hawks!

I hope you all had a fantastic week. I am (finally) not sick, so that’s a plus. I did have to make up a lot of schoolwork, though. The last Hawk Leadership Institute (HLI) meeting took place on Friday, and I couldn’t go because I was making up a lab. Tragic times.

On the bright side, we’re so much closer to Summer Break! (Even though the weather doesn’t feel like it.) I’m excited for sunny and lazy days by the pool. Until then, though, I still have to get through this last bit of the semester…

I finally know what I’m doing for my HLI presentation. It’s not anything fancy, but I think it’ll turn out all right. I only have like five days to plan it, though! Whoops. Procrastination will really get you…

This weekend was the Chili Cook-Off! I went out to volunteer for a few hours with the HLI team. Our theme was zombies, so many of us were dressed up as flesh-eating monsters, complete with awesome special effects make-up. Shout out to Aileen Kelly and Tori Nerey for their sick art skills! We ended up winning “Best Theme” and third place for “Best Chili.” It was worth standing in the burning sun and cold wind!

At the Chili Cook-Off, we got to sing “Happy Birthday” to Hunter the Hawk. Plus, we found out that our very own Eric Yanez was in the costume the whole time! For a cost of $1 per whipped-cream pie (for a National Society of Leadership and Success fundraiser), professors and staff members had the goodies thrown at their faces. That was quite entertaining. Seeing Robin Aleman covered in pie might have just made my weekend, if winning “Best Theme” hadn’t already.

Afterwards, I headed over to my family’s mini golf event. We got to show several of our new mini golf courses, including some with crazy twists and turns. The kids really loved those.

On Sunday, we were all dead tired, so my family and I had a nice day at home and rented “The Good Dinosaur.”

I hope y’all also had a nice week, Hawks! See ya around!



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