I Spent My Spring Break Sick and Star Hunting

Hey Hawks! Welcome back to school. I know, I know… I had trouble waking up this morning too. This daylight saving time hour change isn’t helping either.

I hope y’all had a nice break. I spent mine sick (I know, I get ill a lot), so it wasn’t all too exciting. I was in bed catching up on “Sense8” and “Once Upon a Time” on Netflix more than anything else, since standing up made me feel super dizzy. Thankfully, with lots of rest, fluids and medication, I’m better now. Just in time for school. Yay.

I purposely avoided anything school-related during the break, so I was able to finally relax. Now that I’m back, cue the regularly programmed stress. On the bright side, I can show off my hair, which is now grey.
celeb picOnce I was feeling better, I went to the movies – after months and months of not going. I saw “Deadpool” – admittedly, just so I could brag about it to my little stepbrothers. They are obsessed with superheroes but are way too young to see the film. I also saw “Zootopia” this weekend, which I recommend for anyone who’s in need of a laugh or two (or just wants to see ridiculously cute animated animals).

On my way out of the movie theater on Friday, I stepped into West Oaks Mall to find Disney star Calum Worthy. Y’all might know him from the show “Austin & Ally.” He was offering free pictures and autographs to anyone who wanted them, so my friend and I decided to give it a go. It was a surprisingly thrilling experience, though I’m not particularly a fan of him or his show. If all goes well and he ever makes it to the big time, I can always sell the autographed pic on eBay.

That’s about as exciting as my Spring Break got. I hope to see you all sun-tanned and full of thrilling stories this week!

Until next time, Hawks!



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