Let’s Talk about College Myths

Hey everyone! It’s nice to see you all back this week. This past week got me thinking of how two years ago I was applying to our university. It was a long process, mainly because I kept forgetting my passwords to the website, but I made it!

When I was in high school, many teachers and even counselors would say college is extremely hard. They even said the professors wouldn’t help, that everything would be up to you. I would like to point out that a lot of these statements are false. The professors are always there to help. I have not met a single professor that does not care about their students passing. In fact, last semester one of my professors even took the time to send out the Student Success Center emails so that her students could get extra help in the class.

Another point I would like to touch on is how hard college truly is. While I do find it more challenging than high school, it isn’t impossible. The main difference is that college has more critical thinking. I’m a lazy college student that has yet to fail a class. Anyone can do it, even the laziest of people. (OK, you at have to at least put in some effort. Whatever effort you put in a class is most likely the grade one shall receive.)

ericFinally, the last myth I would like to prove wrong is that – for me at least – I had to decide what I wanted to do at the end of my first year. (This is because some majors have different core requirements.) It’s not the typical two years before deciding on a major. This one did surprise me, because growing up I was told we still have two years before choosing what we want to do. I did try to change my major at one point, but then I would have just taken about a semester’s worth of classes that wouldn’t count. That was a bummer, but I love the major (Environmental Management) that I kept. I’m going to be saving the planet. Might as well call me Captain Planet. (That’s the plan at least.)

Well, that’s it for this week Hawks. Good luck of midterms, and remember to recycle!



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