It’s Nice To Dedicate Time To Something Good

Howdy, Hawks!

I hope y’all have had an excellent week once again. I spent mine studying and overindulging in Sour Patch Kids. No regrets there!

I haven’t gotten all my exam results back, but I’m going to be optimistic here and say I think I did pretty well. I still have two more midterms to deal with this upcoming week, and my study time has mostly consisted of me ranting about fictional characters on Twitter. Off to a great start, huh?

hliiiOver the weekend, the Hawk Leadership Institute went to the Boys and Girls Harbor, a foster home community. It’s dedicated to providing healthy, comprehensive residential care and a family/home environment to children who have experienced family hardship, neglect, abandonment and/or abuse. We volunteered for several hours as part of our Day of Service, bringing them doughnuts for breakfast and setting up several booths for them to enjoy themselves. We had a cookie decorating table, a henna table, a face-painting table, kick ball, basketball and musical chairs. The kids seemed to have lots of fun, which was really great. It felt nice to be a part of something so genuinely good-hearted and selfless. I don’t know half of what most of these kids have gone through, but it doesn’t matter; every child deserves at least a flickering moment of happiness and carefree-ness in their lives. I’m happy to have been a part of that.

That same day, I had to rush over to several mini golf events that my family business, King’s Portable Mini Golf, was hosting. I’m not one to spend copious amounts of time with children, but that was most of my weekend. Thankfully, I can say that I enjoyed it. My family and I got dressed up in our mini golf company uniforms and gave the kids a nice time.

All in all, a good week and great weekend. It was nice to bring so much happiness to people, especially to kids. Anyway, back to reality and responsibility and everything else that’s part of college life. Right now, as I’m signing off, I’m on my way to a practice lab that’ll hopefully help me study for the biology practical I have this week. Yikes. Fingers crossed.

Have a blessed week, Hawks.



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