Aloha To Chemistry! (That Means Good-Bye, Right?)

Howdy, Hawks! I’m not sure how you guys are hanging in there, but I’m barely holding on. This past week I didn’t do much, but of course, that’s nothing new. Besides freaking out about chemistry, I relived some stress with some friends and taking some pictures.

ericThe most exciting event that I enjoyed this past week was going to Corpus Christi with two of my closest friends. Helen and Nelly were in charge of bringing snacks and drinks. I, of course, took my six-pack for the babes to look at. OK, so maybe it’s a one-pack, but I’m working on it! Sitting by the clear blue water was a great way to forget about chemistry for a while. (Even if Nelly and Helen did try to throw me in forcefully. Women are very determined, which is why I was determined to not get in the water.) It legit felt like I was in Hawaii for some reason. I guess that’s how far away I need to be to forget about those darn chemical formulas.

To continue my weekly blog, I would like to point out that I have picked up a hobby. I now collect Polaroids. Polaroids where popular in the past, but they eventually died out. They’re now quickly coming back. Vintage photography is just really interesting. Having a physical copy of a picture is so much more valuable to me than a digital version. It is just so mesmerizing to look at. Of course, this hobby is not cheap. Film costs about $28 for eight exposures. That’s about $3.50 per picture. Photography is a great way to enjoy my free time, but something I’m really looking forward to is Orientation!

Orientation Training is right around the corner. I’m really looking forward to seeing all the new Orientation Leader faces and learning how different the coming sessions are going to be. Basically, it’s going to feel like I’m starting as a newbie with all the changes that are happening.

Well, that’s it for this week, Hawks. Keep hanging in there, and be sure to take breaks. Good luck!



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