Exams Are Stressful

Hey, Hawks!

I hope y’all had another great week. I have been insanely busy! All I’ve done every day is study, study, study. I’ve got exams coming up, as well as in-lab practicals that could end up making me fail the course. So yeah, fun stuff.

nataliaAll is well though. I’ve managed to stay on track with my schoolwork while fitting in time to study. My sleeping schedule has taken a hit though, but we won’t talk about that.

As far as events that took place this week, there was the Farmer’s Market in Atrium I. It made my mouth water every time I walked by and saw that delicious Mexican candy. There was also Go Texan Day in Atrium II, which involved Hunter the Hawk line-dancing to country music. I hope you guys didn’t miss that! In the Forest Room, there was an inspiring discussion on Africa and African people in the global context, led by Professor Mtanguilizi Sanyika, as yet another way that our university celebrates Black History Month.

Over the weekend, I volunteered at an animal shelter until my feet hurt from walking around and attending to customers who wanted to see what seemed like twenty different cats. It was a fun and productive day, though. I also watched several movies like Pixar’s “The Good Dinosaur,” and an incredibly touching film titled “Still Alice” (which, between you and me, made me sob like a child).

All in all, it’s been a good but very busy week. Next week will probably be no different. I’ll spend most of my time looking into microscopes trying to figure out where a moss capsule’s peristome is (whatever that is). Oh, to be a biology major…

Until next week, Hawks!



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